What’s Happening at PAC this Week: April 15-21

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: April 15-21 post page

Erin Rouis

By Erin RouisApril 15th, 2019

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: April 15-21


Where’s Teepa?

  • On Monday, the 15th, Teepa will be busy with all sorts of connections and meetings in NC.
  • On Tuesday, the 16th, she will take early morning flight to Detroit and join the Trainer Cert in Grand Rapids for a visit during their Day 2 activities
  • On Wednesday, the 17th, Senior Helpers will be sponsoring two ½ day events with Teepa in Lansing Michigan. It does require an RSVP! Each 3 hour program (8:30-11:30 or 1:30-4:30) will cover The ABCs of Dementia Care. It is open to families, friends, and professionals.
  • Then, on Thursday, the 18th, Teepa is doing another event with Senior Helpers in Rochester, MI. There are 3 two-hour sessions – If you are interested in coming to one of them, please RSVP ahead of time.
  • The following week she will be in State College, PA and Kansas City.

PAC On-Line – Webinars and More!

  • On Monday, the 15th, Teepa will work with our friends at the Naples Caregiver Support Network to gather care partners together for a conversation around I’m OK, but You are Not OK! What to do and how to recognize a changing emotional reaction to living with dementia from two different perspectives. Sign up on the website by using this link.
  • That’s all for this week, however, you could plan ahead a bit and join us for:
    • A Care Partner webinar On sadness and loss, as it is expressed and experienced by the person living with dementia, on April 22nd from 4-5:30 pm ET. Find out more here
    • A Team Webinar on April 24th from 4:30-6 pm ET on the topic of Helping Someone Through Transitions, Large and Small, when Dementia Makes any Change a Challenge! Click here to find out more about this session and sign up.
    • A five-part Care Partner Support Series starting in May 16th. Learn to get the help you need to do more than simply try to survive this condition. Click here to learn more.
    • If you missed our last Wednesday evening free live stream of Ask Teepa Anything, mark your calendar for next month – May 29th 7-8:30 ET and sign-up to be part of the conversation
PAC Certifications

This Monday and Tuesday, we are conducting a Trainer Certification at the home of our good friends at Holland House, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you missed your opportunity to become part of a dynamic and committed to culture change community.  In other words, a PAC Trainer, consider these upcoming Trainer Certifications in other places throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

PAC Services

Spring is a great time to plan for a terrific summer or fall harvest! Use one of our PAC Accomplished Presenters and Speakers, to awaken the potential in your staff and organization!

Click here to check out our fabulous speakers and plan ahead for your next event!

PAC Products of Note
  • Are you ready for a quick and simple resource to share out? Check out our ½ sheet Resource Cards. We have three new cards to be sold in sets of 25:
    • Gem States and How to Provide Support
    • Six Pieces of the Puzzle
    • Umbrella of Dementia and Descriptions of Various Forms/Types of Dementia

If you just want to take a look and see if you are interested, check out our free single-copy downloadable pdf version.

  • Rather than just buying a DVD and having people watch it, consider a DVD-In-Service Script and Quiz Package. You can help yourself and others get more and do more with the content. These short sessions, designed to run 15-20 minutes, can help you start changing the culture of care in your community. Check it out
  • Get more for less. Check out all seven of our DVD Bundles and get more content for less money!
  • Looking for information about a specific dementia type? Our Different Dementias page will help you find what you are looking for.

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