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Debi Tyler Newsom

By Debi Tyler NewsomJuly 16th, 2020

What’s Cooking?


by Debi Tyler-Newsom, OTR/L,

PAC Client Relations Director

PAC has an exciting new opportunity for organizations!  Which one of these is it?


If you answered DISH/DASH, you are correct!  We know that all organizations are unique.  Different areas of the country, different populations served, different composition of staff, and not always the same needs and goals when it comes to dementia care training.

Have you ever taken advantage of a popular restaurant’s, You Pick Two option on the menu?  Instead of a larger portion of one item, you can purchase a smaller portion of two different items.  Perfect on a cool, rainy day when a cup of soup sounds fabulous to pair with a toasted sandwich…or wait, you’re trying to eat healthier, so maybe complement that soup with a small salad.  The choice fits your wants, likes, and needs.

This is the concept behind DISH and DASH.  Think about fixing a recipe, how you season it to your taste, or your diet, or the ingredients you have left in the fridge, using a dash of this and a dash of that.  If you are hungry or entertaining, you might want to prepare the whole dish.

When it comes to dementia care, we recognize the current necessity of virtual training, and also know that it is more effective when our mentors can help with the apply.  The opportunity to work with a PAC mentor is what rounds out the offering after staff view video content.  PAC trained team members can help address the unique challenges that organizations want to focus on in real time.  This could take the form of skills practice, problem-solving challenging situations, role-play using PAC techniques, or maybe something totally different.

Certified Community members, come join us! To find out more about  our DISH/DASH program, click here.

If you are a professional associated with an organization that would benefit from an affordable, customizable, and virtual way to boost dementia care skills, or you are just curious about what is included in this zesty new offering, give us a call.

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