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By Linn PossellJune 18th, 2018

What is Life?


by Reverend Linn Possell

PAC Lead Mentor Coach

Even though we cannot always see a pearl, we know that they are beautiful and precious. As I sat with my grandmother as a pearl, she taught me many things. She taught me about life and as I sat with her I wrote this poem. I offer this to you as our meditation this month in honor of all the pearls that we know and love and the beauty and wisdom that can happen in their presence.

What is life?

What is life?  But to dance to the song of the wind.

What is life?  But to take the hand of a child.

What is life?  But to be still and hear the whisper of rain.

What is life?  But to sit with a friend in need.

What is life?  But to sing with the birds in the tree.

What is life? But life eternal.

Look. And I will be dancing as the wind blows through the trees.

Take the hand of a child.    And I will hold your hand in mine.

Be still.                                   And I will whisper your name.

Sit with a friend.                   And I will sit there too.

Sing with the birds.              And I will sing to you.

Linn Possell is the Head Mentor Coach for Positive Approach™. Linn is an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ, has her Master of Divinity, Master of Exercise Physiology, National Certification in Athletic Training and the Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, and bachelor’s in education. Linn has worked with individuals living with dementia, families and staff for the past 10 years as a counselor, Resource Coordinator, Memory Care Director and Dementia Educator. She is certified in FL to provide the State required dementia education and is a National CDP trainer. Linn has been a teacher for 15 years in middle and high school in the public school and has taught at the University of Connecticut. She has worked as a crisis intervention coordinator with at risk youth, a senior pastor of a local congregation in FL, a consultant for the Florida Conference of the United Church in Older Adult Ministries, a speaker for Orange County Public Schools on conflict resolution, and the Alzheimer’s Association, and United Church of Christ on Spirituality and Aging.

Linn’s interest in dementia care started as a nurse’s assistant as a student in college however, her formal education in dementia care came in the way of being both and advocate and care partner to her mother who had early onset frontal temporal dementia and as a student of Teepa Snow. Linn and Teepa’s paths crossed when Linn wrote her first book, Alzheimer’s A Beautiful Spirit Celebrated. This book helps guide loved ones as they recognize and celebrate the spiritual life of someone living with dementia.  Linn brings her varied background and experience of teaching, sports medicine, ministering, counseling, coaching, speaking, and care giving to PAC. Linn is an ultra- runner and has combined her passion for running and commitment to bring awareness to individual struggles in many ultra -marathons to raise awareness and funding for causes such as ALS, JRA and dementia. Linn is also a reiki master and works with many modalities to promote balance and synergy in the lives of others.

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