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Teepa Snow

By Teepa SnowFebruary 2nd, 2019

What Did You Do on Tuesday?



Some of us were in Birmingham, Alabama with a terrific group of PAC Coaches-In-Training! While we certainly took a more traditional picture of our class, here is one where we are foolin’ around. Otherwise, we were working hard on Skills and Drills! Thanks, Annie!

Let’s just say, while the Rockettes may not be looking at us as new recruits, we sure did kick Coach Practice up a notch! If we are talking about changing the culture of dementia care, we are on our way with this gang!  Lots of Restore therapists and a wide variety of other individuals and agencies who came to the course, got a chance to practice:

  • Connecting
  • Seeking
  • Reflecting
  • Exploring
  • Drilling

Here’s another fun outcome thanks to Christine’s request–>Teepa Doing Hand Motions for the Coaching Cycle

Take a peek and let me know what you think…

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