What a Conference! Virtual Under The Umbrella

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By Shelly EdwardsDecember 18th, 2020

What a Conference! Virtual Under The Umbrella


by Shelly Edwards, MLS,

PAC Business Development Coordinator

Positive Approach to Care® (PAC) went virtual in 2020 for their annual conference and it was a success. Utilizing Whova and Zoom, Teepa and her PAC Team were able to meet for three days with over 700 attendees, spanning eight countries, and included more than 80 people living with dementia (PLwD). Even though we couldn’t meet face to face, many connections were made, friendships were formed, and new information was learned. The feeling that we are a family/community of people working together to change the world’s view of dementia and people living with dementia was apparent again this year.

For those who like numbers, the graphic below shows our activity on Whova, the app used for our virtual conference, over the three days.

In addition to this activity on Whova, we held 28 sessions in Zoom where over 720 registered attendees participated.

We heard from the Dementia Minds group, who began the conference with an eye-opening look into different dementia worlds from actual people living with it. Teepa and many PAC speakers joined with a wonderful team of people living with various types of dementia to help attendees learn more from the person living with dementia’s point of view. The ability to see things from someone else’s perspective is key to understanding and supporting the changes that they are experiencing. We had a fabulous music event with country singer/songwriter Jay Allen, who serenaded us and told us his moving story about his mother’s journey with Alzheimers. We ended the conference with some time to practice PAC skills and a final encouraging talk from Teepa about how we are One Voice striving to bring about culture change for all who are living with dementia.

I don’t want to be the only one to tell you about the conference, though. Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about it:

The impact of firsthand accounts is so beneficial! Please don’t ever change that aspect. - Jami M.

Inclusivity: Care Partners, PLwD, Professionals, and Community. - Creeky, PLwD

I always come away with more and more knowledge... thank you for igniting my passion - and having the chance to be with others who share that passion and the dream!! - Deborah S.

Every session provided valuable information in excellent presentations by knowledgeable and articulate people. - Kathryn H.

Thank you for PAC Community! I feel like a plant that needed water and the information is the soft refreshing rain to nourish my mind to help others! I hope that someday I can become certified and teach these skills to others that are new! I do not know if I would continue in my role as a care giver if I had not found this information – it is amazing to me what little I have learned so far at how affective the skills can be!!! - Jacqui C.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, our speakers, our PAC team, and every one of you who attended. We are that family/community who are going to continue to change dementia care, one mind at a time, because until there’s a cure, there’s care.

2 Comments on “What a Conference! Virtual Under The Umbrella”

  1. What a wonderful event this must have been. Thank you to everyone who put this together, not an easy task I’m sure. I wish I could have been a part of this, but the cost was prohibitive for me. It would be nice if you could give a few scholarships for attendees who cannot afford the fees.

    1. Hi Dianne,

      My name is Alejandro and I work for PAC as a mentor. We are sorry that we missed you at the conference this year. As a company we are looking to provide learning opportunities for everyone.

      If there ever happens to be an event in the future that you are interested in but cost is getting in the way please reach out to us. We do our best to make adjustments and provide support. You can email me at alejandrod@teepasnow.com or info@teepasnow.com.

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