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By Online Dementia JournalJune 17th, 2021

VerifyCare App – ODJ Sponsor

The VerifyCare app is an organizational support app for any kind of caregiver. Manage medications for your loved one with dementia, as well as create custom tasks, coordinate schedules and appointments, graph and analyze entries, document noteworthy information, and much more!

With VerifyCare, you can track all of your loved one’s care needs conveniently in one app. Reminders for items due ensure important medications, tasks, and appointments are never missed. Invite others to be a part of your Care Team easily under one plan, keeping everyone aware and involved. VerifyCare gives you peace of mind knowing friends and family are informed and able to verify your loved one with dementia receives proper care from all of those involved.

Get the assurance you deserve. For more information visit our Website and check out our Facebook page. Download VerifyCare and try for FREE today!”

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