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By Corrie PhillipsDecember 31st, 2018

University of Southern Indiana (USI)

The University of Southern Indiana’s Center for Healthy Aging and Wellness has received a grant from the Indiana State Department of Health to fund dementia care training for nursing home staff members in Indiana. The project, Building a Dementia-Competent Nursing Home Workforce with Positive Approach® to Care, is a collaboration with Teepa Snow to improve the lives of people living with dementia and transform the culture of dementia care. 

The project will focus on nursing home staff with three goals:

  • Building a dementia-competent certified nursing assistant (CNA) workforce. Learn more ...
  • Developing an advanced course for current PAC-certified trainers and coaches in Indiana nursing homes. Learn more ...
  • Integrating PAC curriculum into new staff orientation. Learn more ...

The Building a Dementia-Competent Nursing Home Workforce with Positive Approach® to Care project will allow Indiana to build a foundation of education and skill-building to provide a model of care for people living with dementia in nursing homes.

USI has a five-year partnership with Snow in the area of dementia care, including a previous project funded by the Indiana State Department of Health in 2016 involving 12 nursing homes in southwest Indiana. Efficacy of knowledge gained and perceptions changed among nursing home staff members involved with the project is reported in the Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.* A USI-led research team worked with Positive Approach to Care to write the manuscript.

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