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By Online Dementia JournalMay 15th, 2019

Transition in Our Work Life


by Lisa Clevely, Social Worker and PAC Certified Independent Coach

Since I started working in the care industry over 25 years ago, I have moved around and taken many jobs, which have led me to where I am now: in transition. I am working my notice and preparing to start a new job. 

In the early days and when I was younger this sort of transition never phased me. It just seemed a natural process to go through, as moving from one position to the next offered more development. But this time it was different! I didn’t even realise I was in transition, until I noticed that I was no longer loving my job, and found it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Eventually, I realised I was stuck in a rut and feeling fed up. I had probably been in denial for a while, perhaps because of stability. However, upon realising this as fact, I developed an identity crisis.  I sunk further into despair, as I started to become desperate to leave, but too anxious to do anything else. I panicked when I looked at other job adverts feeling very un-skilled, lacking confidence, and even too old to compete with others. So I thought “well, I’d just as well stay.” 

Resigning myself to this, I considered that it would be a good exercise to explore the pros and cons of my current job.




Feeling Uninspired




Bogged down with paperwork


Limited Career Prospects


It seemed pretty even in the balance. At this stage I considered what could I trade off in order to make this job work out for me. Perhaps I could study, become creative with the paperwork, or ask for more work, etc. 

However, it took many more months of flogging a dead horse before I took a closer look at what bit of my job I actually really valued? It was a small part of my job which made me happy. I realised I was in my element whilst visiting a care home every Wednesday afternoon.  Here I saw loving and caring caregivers, and happy, lively residents.  It was a well-led, well-resourced care home which was close to my home. Thinking about this home gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. 

With a burst of energy, I started to manifest working there. I could see myself being happy and valued. I took a chance and emailed the manager about the prospect of a job there. I couldn’t believe it when she passed over an application form. 

I was interviewed, and based on the strength of the relationship I had built with this home, my expertise as an independent PAC coach, and due to my passion for dementia care, I was offered a developmental opportunity working as Deputy Manager. 

On reflection, I guess that as we get older and more responsible, transition seems more unsettling, but whilst we have the power to make changes, I believe we definitely should. 

Transition can be a process that drags you down. However, out of this comes an awareness of contrast, and what emerges is an energy. This will pull us forward with powerful momentum. 

I’m excited now, and I feel like my mind and heart are aligned once more. I hope this feeling will last. 

Lisa ia a qualified Social Worker with older adults in the UK. She has experience as a Best Interest Assessor and a Practice Educator. She is also a PAC Certified Independent Coach.

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