Training or Presenting… Which Are You Offering?

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Teepa Snow

By Teepa SnowFebruary 20th, 2019

Training or Presenting… Which Are You Offering?

Watching me, can be tricky! I switch between the two options repeatedly in the work I do.

In some cases, all I am trying to do is get the majority of the people in the audience to notice something, to reconsider what they think they know, to consider another person’s perspective, or to shift from detail to big picture or visa versa.

In other moments, I am offering some training. I am working to help all learners have a partnered experience that helps them share out, to think and talk about something, or to link what they experienced in a classroom moment with what they have in their life, or try out the skill or ability we just covered in demonstration.

As a master level PAC Speaker and Trainer, I can do either or both, depending on what I notice about the audience and what the objectives for the sessions are.

In our upcoming webinar series, you will get plenty of opportunities to sort thru the two alternatives and improve your presentation skill set, no matter what the topic you are trying to cover.

You will work with with PAC mentors and your learning partners to improve your  ability to get your message from your brain into the heads, hearts, and bodies of those you seek to reach.

An example of presenting:

Objective: Identify the difference between normal aging changes in memory compared to changes that signal a not-normal change of interest.  (SIFTOS part 4 chapter 1 7:00-8:45)

Did you notice the secret learning cycle I used? It was done with timing, tone of voice, using  familiar experiences, making sure everyone noticed some key pieces, reinforcing  why and how the two options are different, while working with a partner in the group, without having everyone actively do an AELC in real time.  So what do you think the application bit is, in this clip? If you want to share with larger groups or you only have a very short window of time to get something out there… presenting may be the route to go.


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