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By Amanda BulgarelliJanuary 14th, 2021

Through the Weeds


by Amanda Snow Bulgarelli,

PAC Chief Operations Officer

2020 made change inevitable, but so does dementia, and so does life for that matter.

How has PAC changed in our service offerings this year?

Prior to 2020, imagine PAC’s front yard as a lush, green field, trimmed with the most beautiful wild flowers. Bordered by the largest, most beautiful tree providing shade, comfort, support, and wisdom to anyone that walked by…

Now, you can choose to see a dandelion as a weed, something to isolate, pull out, and trash, or you can choose to see it as a seed that might just grant a wish. We, at Positive Approach to Care®, chose to see the latter, and that is what we bring to you, an offering of dandelion seeds, or wishes…

Check out all that we have to offer; including services, events, and products by audience.

For People Living with Dementia: Notice the connection and support provided for the seed on top…

For Family and Friend Care Partners: Isolation is real, but you are not alone. We are that strong stem staying connected and helping you look back to just a short time ago when you were in that field, surrounded by yellow dandelions…

For Organizations: Right now, it may feel like even shutting the whole world out isn’t enough, we are trying to provide services and products that speak to the lack of time, money, and connection that you are all experiencing.

For Professionals: Just when it feels like you have something going, the wind shifts, and a few more seeds float away unexpectedly. PAC is making it easier than ever to join our public events to build your skills and we are working on growing connections with others in our network for you to grow wherever those seeds land.

For PAC’s Certified Community: Partners in this are so important that we continue to offer time and space to connect with each other, our Mentors, and even Teepa herself. This year brings even more time to build your skills with support from our team!

For everyone: Sometimes all it takes to see beauty in this weed is to change your perspective. Teepa and the PAC team strive to build light and hope in the darkest and most trying spaces. No matter your price-point, time, or skill coming in, we have something for you.

We offer countless resources, products, and opportunities for support, so if you don’t find the right fit, please make it known and we will connect to support you. Will you help us keep this going?

Turn your body to the side, and come stand alongside us to take in this new, possibly more positive, view.

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