The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 4, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 4, 2019 post page

Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsMay 6th, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 4, 2019

Ever wonder what it takes to make PAC happen?  Please see the note below that Teepa shares out with the PAC Team every Sunday to get the full picture!

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The PAC Week in Review

Week ending May 4, 2019

Hey Team:

Another busy week for PAC and another road warrior week for me.

My week started with a 5:20 am flight out of RDU… Given the advance time needed to get up, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee, and get to the airport and park for the one-hour ahead of time requirement… let’s just say, I was up before the birds! Not the deer… I had to keep an eye for their jumping behavior, but the birds were just starting to sing when I got to the terminal!

Made it to Albany, almost on time… Boy do they have a LOUD airport with LOUD classical music!!!!

Five meetings later, I left the airport and headed up to Saratoga Springs for more meetings and an afternoon Engagement Webinar. Too bad I had an hour and a half planned for the one-hour time slot… I am blaming it on normal aging and the fact I had just entered all the new Engagement series dates for the second half of the year which will be 1.5 hrs each!!!

I had fun with the session, although we had to shift gears due to the number of people not able to actively participate with sound and visuals. Many thanks to Brenda Roberts, Amanda B, Emilio, and others for helping to make the session successful for all! Next week is our fourth session in the series.

Keith and I met again and made good progress on another round of the mini-poster series.

On Tuesday, I got a chance to present two different sessions to ESAAL (Empire State Assn of Assisted Living) in Saratoga Springs. It was a full house with a record-breaking crowd. It was fun to spend a bit of time with Sheila O. and her partner to talk about their roll out and success in the region as well as their efforts to get others interested and engaged with the PAC Mission!

As soon as I finished up in the afternoon on Tuesday, I hit the road, and then the turnpike heading from Saratoga across NY thru Buffalo, thru Niagara Falls and into Ontario then over to London, ON! It’s quite a long journey, especially when it rains for most of it!

On Wednesday, I offered two more sessions. This time it was for a wide array of health care providers across the area. They had over 650 people in attendance, a great group with several of our Certified folks present. Cheryl B did a fine job of role playing. She also promoted the Canadian Certs with her interactions and use of a half sheet! Nicely done, Cheryl B!

After the keynote in the afternoon I checked in with Polly for an update, and then headed to the local airport. There was a flight delay, but we still made it out thru Toronto and then on to Boston. After getting into the Boston, airport I grabbed a rental car and headed up to Bedford, New Hampshire.

In Bedford, on Thursday, I provided a day-long program for another full house, over 250 people, sponsored by Benchmark Senior Living. The audience was a terrific mix of family members, referral source professionals, and leaders and staff from Benchmark communities throughout the region. They were pleased and it was another terrific day of moments of learning and excitement.

Once I wrapped things up there, it was on the road again… from Bedford NH, thru Vermont to NY and then on to the town that many know by name, but few have actually visited. Schenectady is a very real and cool town. This is my second visit for a program sponsored by the Baptist Health System. Rather than a deep freeze without water due to burst pipes in a theater auditorium, this time we were at Union College in a great location. It was good to have Nancy, one of our certified Trainers, hosting and helping make the day a success. She is coming to the Consultant program in Syracuse along with others… With the team kicking it up a notch, we are getting more folks into our Certs.

So what happened after I finished up in up-state NY? I travelled down state to NYC! I spent the weekend with Dan, Manda, Dick, Benji, and Braden! Oh yeah, Corrie and I offered a second Webinar to our friends at Fields Senior Living out in Oregon on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday night finds me in the rainy city, after sending Manda, Dan and the boys out to Hershey, PA , and Dick back to NC. I have the job of picking up laundry before heading out to join Manda for another day of meetings and an Engagement Webinar.

Debi has terrific news for this Sunday. She has a new grandson, Theo! Congrats to her entire family and to the expansion of the PAC next generation!

Tracy, Stefanie, and Bonnie collaborated and worked with Christopher from PageCrafters to correct issues and make sure our customers are not sent communications they should not get! Thanks ladies for getting this resolved!

Melanie and Kathryn had 52 learners at their Skills Days at Murdoch Center in NC. Kathryn reported that they were excited and engaged!

Manda got another monthly memo out to all!

Our Outreach Team is Rockin’ It!!!

Erin is getting the PAC Happenings posted!

Beth N was welcomed on a marquis in Wisconsin. She was a hit this Saturday!

Here is a decent and accurate article by a physician in US News & World Report as opposed to a talk that I stayed for at the Geriatric Medical Update Conference in London, ON. Dr Peter Lin, a popular and well-known family practice doctor, unfortunately in my opinion, used older stats on percentages on most of the different dementias. Alzheimers 62%, vascular 23%, LBD 17%, FTD 2%. He still had Parkinsonian dementia not labelled as just like Alzheimers but caused by the same protein as LBD.

He also continued to help promote the myth that the acetylcholinesterase inhibitors help slow the disease and are helpful to most… by, in my reasoning, mis-interpreting a misleading study report from Lancet in 2009. The problematic title of his talk was Preventing Dementia. His bottom line: manage the crap out of people’s BP, BS, Cardiovascular health, sleep apnea, and smoking behaviors and that would make it happen! My frustration – he did not say it does not prevent it, it reduces risk!!!! So we still must create care plans and programs for those people who still develop the condition of some form of dementia. We should develop specific plans of care that address the various forms, because there are substantial numbers of people who are in the various categories, AND there will be many who have more than one form of the condition. Oh my… so many minds to address!!!

The good news is they would love to have me back and so I will have another chance!

- Teepa

This funny moment came from Harry Urban’s Facebook Post – he has been living with dementia for over 20 years.

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