The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 25, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 25, 2019 post page

Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsMay 28th, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 25, 2019

Ever wonder what it takes to make PAC happen?  Please see the note below that Teepa shares out with the PAC Team every Sunday to get the full picture!

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The PAC Week in Review

Week ending May 25, 2019

Hey Team!

The good news for this week starts with the following:

  • Melanie successfully had her shoulder surgery and is recovering with ice packs, pain meds, and Matthew helping out. It looks like she might be back in action with an improved skill set in her left fingers, and partial function on her right in a few weeks! The other good news, the rotated cuff was not shredded, so movement should return!
  • Alejandro made it out to Seattle and the Seattle Cert Team rocked the program even with the multiple last minute adjustments!
  • UMRC has successfully completed the grant that we supported over the past two plus years, AND they are showing data trends on improved resident outcomes, family satisfaction, and staff knowledge and satisfaction!
  • We had twelve learners in the Consultant Cert in Syracuse and got the highest ratings from learners on the value of this program for their practice, to date, for this course!
  • We have some new sliders on the home page – did you notice?
  • Beth Douglas will be joining us on an hourly basis, come June - working with us to help with Cert Outreach to get to more facilities, agencies, and organizations.
  • We have had several great outreach e-mails, Facebook posts, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, and calls to help our potential audience know about certifications, webinars, and products – Shout Out to all of our Team involved in this effort – it takes a Village!
  • Valerie and Emilio posted a new blog with material they pulled together - 3 Smart Ways to Empower People Living with Dementia Through Activities – you can check it out at the bottom of the home page, if you missed it!
  • Alejandro ran a virtual mentor Training, all on his own, due to Manda and my commitment at UMRC.

And there’s more:

I missed one important event from last week – Our Development and Research Certification Team, led by Beth N, was up in Alaska offering a second Trainer Certification for providers throughout the state. With this certification there are now PAC Certified Trainers in all facility providers throughout the state!

Here is the amazing Alaska experience in photo format. Many Thanks to Beth, Loy, Kathryn, and the 15 learners who are working to become PAC Trainers - from last week!

Beth, Loy, Pam and her husband off on their pre-course kayaking trip… who said PAC was all work and no play!

Here are Loy and Kathryn checking out the Heritage Museum and what looks to be whale bones(?) from my inexperienced eyes.

Not to be outdone, this week was kicked off with two different Certifications.

Our most excellent Team in Seattle for a full Trainer Cert included Charleen, Alejandro, Mary D, Abby, Teffie, and Kathleen as well as Greg and Jasper as virtual mentors and Tom D as a guest singer! 

This group delivered a well-received program in Seattle while a nesting pair of bald eagles kept watch over the proceedings near the Lakeshore Retirement Community. Thanks to all the team members who made that program come together and serve the learners well! Charleen had the following share:

Seattle CERT had a great enthusiastic group! Lovely place by the lake. Alejandro flew in at the last minute to help which was very much appreciated. Mary D, Teffie, and Kathleen took on objectives and tried some new things. Abby provided great insights all the way through and the team connected well with the learners.

Jasper (Charleen and Greg’s Goldie) was there for a bit and a huge hit Charleen demonstrated some real Amber and ruby moments! And Tom’s birthday was celebrated!

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the country, Loy, Carolyn, Amanda M and I offered a Consultant Course in Syracuse for 12 very excited and engaged learners. We held the event at Menorah Park of Central New York. Interestingly enough, we had one learner from Portland, OR. Many thanks to our virtual mentors, Jess, Alejandro, and Rebekah. Not to be outdone we had a birthday at our place as well! Happy Birthday, Loy! What a way to spend your day! This terrific team met learners where they were and every single person indicated they were comfortable and learned to use new abilities, awareness, and knowledge!!!

Since it is the Consultant Course and everything went well… I have a new piece of the puzzle for Leslie to explore when talking with hosts… Do they keep kosher? If the answer is yes, then we will want Christy to know, so she can let all of our attendees and mentors know the rules of the road on coming with their own food and drink items and so that we don’t offer any candy on tables or use any sinks or counters in food prep areas without specific OKs from our hosts… This group was very friendly and we were able to work things out, but certainly something to find out in advance.

This past Wednesday, Manda B delivered a program to Huron Valley PACE. They really liked the session and one of them actually came to the program sponsored by UMRC on Friday after that offering!

On the same day, Beth N visited Greensburg, IN for another Speaker event with Suburban Health, a ten-hospital organization "working together to promote quality, efficiency and patient access in the communities they serve."  Suburban Health has one PAC Trainer, now, a nurse, Brandon Kaser. This event was paid for by the Trilogy CEO, who, in listening to his employees' request for PAC education, brought Beth N back to Indiana. She just loves that road trip!!! 😉

Beth T and Kathryn were on the road again. This time another Skills Day for the folks at Kensington Senior Living in Sierra Madre, California. The cool part is that they sent folks from all departments and with all backgrounds and experience levels. As they are going to be opening a new community, it is clear they are planning ahead and well on their journey with PAC Skill to make a difference!

What all did I do this week? Well… Let’s See…

Monday and Tuesday, I worked with the Team on the Consultant Cert.

When we finished the Cert on Monday, Carolyn, Clarke, and I led the Alzheimer’s Support Network Gathering with the topic of discussion being Is it Time for Us to Separate or to Bring in Someone Different? We had a nice sized group with lots of interesting and timely conversation!

Then the Cert Team kicked back and relaxed a bit, while I got to go out and have an excellent meal and evening with Sheila Ohstrom and her community of friends, employees, and contacts. Sheila and Bernadette are definitely changing the culture of care and training in the Central New York region! They are a great addition to our PAC Community. So glad they are certifying, along with Nancy, as PAC Consultants as well!

On Tuesday evening, after the Cert Course, I headed over to Utica NY for a program sponsored by Caregivers Connections from 6-7:30. This group worked hard to try and get the word out, but due to problems with the newspaper publication department, the word did not make it out. That being said. The group we did gather was both committed to finding out more and different info and in trying out some new ideas. All of them were caregiving for family members and most were stressed or stressed out. Carolyn, be expecting some more contacts… I shared my cards! This is a follow up engagement, based on a program I offered at Utica College earlier this year.

After the program, it was back to Syracuse. On Wednesday, I provided a full day of training at the 8th annual Central NY Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association Conference in Liverpool, NY. Over 450 people attended. A terrific organization geared to provide services to families, care providers, and people living with dementia. Lots of role playing, trying new words out and figuring some challenges out! Great day ending with private time for Q & A from the staff who were building their skills at providing support and guidance!

Then it was off the Syracuse airport for a trip to Newark and on to Detroit and then to Chelsea, MI.

Thursday early morning found me in the Summer, Fall, and Winter neighborhoods with my good friend, Katie G, and our newly found friend, Tammy. I got a chance to see and talk to so many of our UMRC Coaches, Champions, Leaders, and Resident Friends on this final visit under the Foundation Grant. From 4 to 5:30 it was time to work on planting more seeds of active engagement and team collaboration. Then a talk with families and at the end of the day a meeting to talk about our experiences and lessons learned and next steps! What an amazing journey of over two and a half years.

Many, untold hours and work went into this project. Major kudos go to Manda for stepping up and taking this on in the midst of so many other responsibilities. Her organizational, scheduling, and management of cat herding were certainly honed during this exciting and real-life experience. Likewise many thanks to Alejandro, Beth, Abby, and Manda for so many weekly visits and so much waiting, pausing, and traveling time! Many thanks as well are due to Beth N and Beth T, Jess, Abby, Debi, Manda, and others for zooms, calls, e-mails, texts, and more. One major “thank you” however, goes to Katie G and her team. She, herself, extrovert extraordinaire, has continued to provide a pivotal support and has expanded UMRC Towsley Village outreach to Relias, MALA, and beyond!

For my last speaking gig of the week. I was sponsored by UMRC in Howell, Michigan on Friday, May 24th. This event was open to the general public and professionals in the region! The topic was Transitions in Care: Managing Expectations for Family and Staff Care Partners. It was a well-attended and well-received program. Many thanks to Manda, Alejandro, and Abby (plus Dan, Bray, and Benji) for significant contributions in making it a great day for every attendee.

This the news I know about!

I hope I shared out on some of the highlights! I probably missed some of the details that made your week a success or provided a special challenge.

Alejandro shared that we had a disappointed learner in Seattle because I was not there and she was planning on that being part of her experience. We will be working to try and make sure that doesn’t happen for anyone else with more info up front on specifics of Where’s Teepa… My apologies to Cheryl S from Vancouver Island. Please know we are working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again, and also to see what we can possibly do to make it better for you. Additionally, thanks to Alejandro and Teffie for connecting, hearing the story, and passing it along to me.

One final highlight of the week. On Tuesday, Diane let me know that she had a contact with Doreen P, a woman who had Meeting Teepa in Person on her bucket list. On Wednesday of this week, she attended the CNY Alzheimers Conference. We connected and we talked, she got a selfie, and she shared some of her story. One thing checked off a list… And some great moments for many!

Here’s a little outside PAC info to share:

Click the title if you missed the CBS Special on FTD.

An article shared from from Greg Phelps on how to consider using technology to help manage dementia on a big city scale. An interesting thought... I’m not sure exactly where I am landing with this one… give it a thought…

May this week be full of opportunities to make a positive difference in the world! And may you have the courage, curiosity, and ability to open the door or the window you find!

Your Traveling PAC Leader,


- Teepa


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