The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 18, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 18, 2019 post page

Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsMay 20th, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 18, 2019

Ever wonder what it takes to make PAC happen?  Please see the note below that Teepa shares out with the PAC Team every Sunday to get the full picture!

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The PAC Week in Review

Week ending May 18, 2019

What’s the Good News This Week?

Our team has had some Good News-Bad News sorts of things this weekend.

  • Let’s start with the bad news and get it out of the way… Jessica got turned back at the US-Canadian border for although she has dual citizenship, this guard decided she still needs a visa to be OK to work in the US.
  • So then Alejandro got on the horn and raised a substitute for Jess’s plan to be Lead Day 1 in Seattle for a full Trainer Course… He had it all worked out with Melanie stepping up and over and getting herself booked on a flight and ready to roll…

  • and then she decided to try rolling about on a Segway and leaned forward when she should have leaned back to slow that puppy down and it dumped her hard on her right humeral head… and so she is off the roster for PAC and on the list for surgery for a repair come Monday.

  • The good news, she did get some pain relief when she barely breathes and she uses powerful drugs… We are all in her corner, hoping for the best and sending good energy and prayers her way!!!!

  • Our hero, Alejandro is going out to the far west himself to help make sure the two days is all that it should be for the Mentors, the Learners, and the Team! Many Thanks and some treats for you and Andrea when you get back!

Teepa has stayed on the road, again… I guess that’s good news – at least there have been some really great sessions and interactions and connections! Dick has been on the road as well… He was off the second half of the week for another major Southeast Region Glass Event in Georgia. Hot, fun, and a bit crazy!

  • She got a chance to run about early Monday morning in Lansing, finding this statue in front of the Conference Center for the MALA program. Teepa presented a half day program for Brenda Robert’s gang, the Michigan Assisted Living Association Conference on May 13th in Lansing, Michigan. It was a Pre-Conference training. Then, Manda came back with 2 additional sessions the following day and Janet Hart provided yet more sessions based on PAC content! Then UMRC also provided an insider’s view of theory to practice, based on their PAC experiences. We will look forward to hearing back from Brenda on the responses from her organization’s membership! It seemed like they were excited and interested learners, for sure! Many thanks to Brenda for her willingness to expose so many to the world of dementia thru PAC eyes! More opportunities are on the way later this year, both on-line and in-person.

  • Then it was off on a car trip back to DTW for a flight to MSP that evening with a new rental car drive out to Hutchinson, MN. On Tuesday, Teepa was in Hutchinson, MN for a program sponsored by the Senior Providers of McLeod County. This was a full day designed to build awareness, knowledge and introduce new skills for over 350 people. Polly aced her real-time role playing, and reported out that the Internal Cert practices made all the difference in her comfort level and skill use!

  • Then back to MSP, for a late night trip up to Winnipeg, Manitoba!

  • For the next three days, Teepa was at various locations and programs in Winnipeg. Polly’s speedy responses, exceptional organizational skills, positive demeanor, and helpfulness was universality pointed out by each and every host! Great feedback , Polly!

  • The first day was for a full house of attendees at the HQS Professional Development full day program. They sold out two months before the sessions and have already booked my return in late 2020!

  • I got feedback from one of my learners that Charleen had aced her program, also in Winnipeg, the day before and that “I was also great and very different”, and that “one program really built on the other so it was so reinforcing” that she “loved it”! Go Charleen!

  • The next day was consult and working the units day with Riverview, a community in the area. They two of our PAC Trainers and a great leadership team combined with a fantastic Foundation. The greatest challenge they are facing is helping staff be flexible and relationship focused first! They have been working hard and trying to help people not do some of the more traditional habitual care approaches and reactions. We worked a good bit on language changes and giving staff a phrase to use when a resident is striking out or pinching rather than “Don’t do that” trying to use “You don’t like this” so that they at least are starting to acknowledge the other person’s reactions… Also asking with regularity…”Tell me what you like about working with…. “ and “Sounds like she is in verbal distress” or “physical distress”, rather than “She is physically aggressive and verbally aggressive”. A really great day for me to get a chance to show folks how to do something different and get a different relationship and outcome…
  • Friday provided me with the opportunity to offer four 1.5-hour sessions with ALL types of hospital personnel. From security, to housekeeping, to dietary, to techs, to nurses, to care aides, to volunteers, to therapists and rehab MDs, to mental health providers, to internal medical and surgical doctors, to administrators, to clerical staff… You name it they had them attending and actively excited and participating. This was a terrific group of people. They are surely struggling with a culture shift and they know it. They are aware that their own fears, habits, and routines are a big part of the problem and after today, they are so looking forward to mobilizing their champions to help keep the movement happening. It was terrific to get a chance to work with them and the fine OTs who helped start this movement and were also there to support what is happening and proud of their contribution to this shift!!!!
  • Then off to the hotel at the airport for an early flight out of Winnipeg, back to MSP to RDU by noon.
  • The rest of my Saturday and most of today (as well as many hours before now) was spent reviewing the great work that MedBridge completed with Kathleen’s help. Back in January, Kathleen, Charleen, and I worked hard for many days to help MedBridge shoot the content for EIGHT courses. It is actually an amazing library and very well done. All that being said there was editing and details and revisions to be made… The good news… I finished it and passed the torch over to Cheryl K to get it to the MedBridge folks so they can move their project forward…. It is one thing off my plate. The funds were great to have, the work was good but hard. At least it is finished from our end.

  • Keith has gotten the Mini-Posters thru another round of review and back to Sonya for a polish… we are getting close!

  • Charleen spoke on Tuesday to the Long Term Care Association of Manitoba. The report from Tracy is that she was a hit!

  • Charleen then worked with Greg to provide TWO One Day Skills Days on Wednesday and Thursday for the staff of Daughter on Call in Brandon, Manitoba – that’s a good bit north of Winnipeg, for those who are curious!

  • Thanks to everyone. We have a full Trainer Course in Seattle – And a full complement of Mentors – Thanks go out to Charleen, Alejandro, Abby, Mary D, Teffie, and Kathleen for filling the roster. And the entire PAC Team for getting people in those seats!

  • We have eleven Learners for the Consultant Cert in Syracuse – quite a turn around from 4 weeks ago!!! Go Diane, Mary, Laura, Leslie, Debi, Corrie, Erin, Valerie, and others!!!! Our Mentors there, will be Loy, Carolyn, Amanda, and me!

  • Amanda B offered two sessions at the MALA Conference in collaboration with Alejandro and Brenda on Tuesday, after swinging by to set up our Exhibit table on Monday while I was there. 

  • Amanda also provided a Thursday Speaking Program for our good friends at Daybreak Adult Day in Adrian, MI

  • Alejandro and I worked with some terrific mentors on their In-Person Mentors Skills when it comes to helping Trainers and Coaches go from watching my Presenter content and objectives and turning those into training Cycles or Coaching Cycles… There were many AH-HAs to be had!

  • The Outreach Team practiced some skills with Manda this week!

  • The Conference Committee is moving our efforts forward and our numbers are climbing!

  • Valerie is building out details on Amazon that we hope will raise out profile and get more traffic!

  • Keith worked with the team to offer a special Flash Sale for those who look at the PAC Happenings page… 20% off orders of $100 or more - let’s see it gets any traffic!

  • Keith and Bonnie are also ready to let the Certified Community have a Package Deal on Pins, Patches, and T-Shirts… 

  • Emilio worked with some of the material I provided to create some video clips to get more multi-media interest going for our upcoming webinars and programs.

  • Cheryl got Senior Helpers to agree to sponsor the Stage Show at the Conference!!!! Great work Cheryl.

  • Manda and Teepa are working with members of the current Leadership Group to determine a better way to meet people’s preferences regarding meetings, work styles, expectations, timelines, goals and details, and planning for the future… More to follow…

  • Certs Team is working hard to figure how to work with one another to keep this very important bus route going smoothly with full ridership! 

  • Erin, Corrie, Heather, Dick, Dan and every person who contributed helped us put out a fantastic On-Line Journal this week. Please check it out if you missed it.

  • The articles were as varied and unique as those who wrote them and yet the theme came thru strong and clear… music has power, we all have music in us, so we are empowered to help make good things happen when we find the right rhythm!

Three Articles:

Stress is an issue for both men and women – both struggle, two slightly different key issues for risk! I believe it is important to sort out what is “stressful” and what is “dis-stressful”.

What stresses us can typically be managed with thoughtful reprogramming and new skill and knowledge development. These researchers in this study looked at men and women to consider risk comparisons. Check out what they found out…

What distresses us is much more difficult to address in a reasonable or controllable way. Distress equals primitive-survival brain hyper-arousal and hyper-alertness which makes it very hard to override or control. In these situations it is critical the person in distress is able to step back, pause, get the right support and the situation into a less threatening frame… so thinking and a sense of control over self and the situation is possible.

This is a program - Gloom to Joy - that has been demonstrated to effectively improve the person’s ability to cope with and deal with their stress and distress thru positive actions and do-able things. It has several variations and some options are free and available on line. Certainly seems like something designed to help people go from distressed to managing stress effectively for themselves…. Now how can we also translate this into support for distress reduction for those living with dementia… Maybe putting on our PAC thinking/feeling/problem-solving hats might be helpful! I’d love to hear what you try/find/consider…

Diane found a technique that I have used in the past and have more or less lost…probably on a flight from somewhere to somewhere else… It is called Tapping. Here are two YouTube clips to consider this technique for yourself… Here is a YouTube on info on the technique and a workbook optionHere is a video on the actual process and technique. See what you think and find, if you decide to try it out.

- Teepa


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