The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 11, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 11, 2019 post page

Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsMay 13th, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending May 11, 2019

Ever wonder what it takes to make PAC happen?  Please see the note below that Teepa shares out with the PAC Team every Sunday to get the full picture!

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The PAC Week in Review

Week ending May 11, 2019

Hey PAC Community -

Happy Mother’s Day to all who nurture, support, encourage, celebrate, foster, train, coach, nourish, or otherwise mother others!

Notice the lack of an S at the beginning of the word mother… true mothers, do not smother, they offer that safe haven and that strong foundation upon which we build ourselves into the person we are always seeking to be.

All of us who have been mothers to others, have seeking to provide the best possible support we can to assist in promoting best practices and developing better habits in life so that as we move forward and have opportunities to mother others, we can use many of the words, actions, thoughts, techniques and skills our mothers offered us… Of course, since none of us is perfect there will always be a at least a few things we will have to work on and possibly change in order to be the better versions of us.

Today is a day to thank all the moms who contributed to our being who we are. For me, at least gender, age, relationship, and ethnicity have little to do with determining who my moms have been and still are.

For all the moms who help to make me, me… good news – I’m getting better at being me… Thanks for all you did to support that formation! I’m still working on it, and your help is greatly appreciated!

So what is the other good news from PAC this week?

On Monday, Manda and I worked with Emilio, Brenda, Rachel, Carolyn, Jess and our attendees to provide a fun and engaging 4th Session in the Engagement Leader webinar series in the afternoon from Hershey, PA. A special mention to Dan and Benji for taking a Chocolate factory tour, so we could broadcast from the hotel room without benefit of another form of engagement going on in the background.

The good news is that after finishing up the webinar, we got Manda and Dan packed up and on the road again by 5:30. That means they made it home about 3:30 am on Tuesday.

After getting Manda and Dan loaded up, I made my way down to Philadelphia-Fort Washington area with absolutely beautiful weather and glorious scenery.

Tuesday, I provided two sessions at Abington Hospital for Arden Courts. One was focused more on how to help hospital personnel, professional, and family supporters provide improved recognition and care for PLwD. The other was focused on using common signals and symptoms to better match responses to dementia-related changes in ability.

After a great day I got together with the team that put it all together for food and drink and conversation. Then it was off to Allentown for the next program! Thankfully the massive downpour that hit just as I arrived didn’t last long! Our second day was at the Center Valley Conference Center attached to the Homewood Suite property. This program was co-sponsored by Arden Courts and St Luke’s Hospital system. We had a full house and loads of participation!

Then it was off to the airport, where the good news is that Delta was only delayed for two hrs and not cancelled. When I got to DTW, Dick had waited for me, so we got the rental car and it was off to Manda and Dan’s to prepare for the final details of the Cert.

The highlight of the week for PAC was our Internal Cert Course.

We had a very successful two-day Internal Consultant Certification for the Administrative members of PAC. We only had a few absences.

  • Laura was busy celebrating her son’s graduation – congratulations and celebration, well deserved
  • Erin was helping her cousin graduate
  • Bonnie was on a mission trip to the UK
  • Emilio, Stefanie, and Heather had other commitments that kept them from making the flights and two-day commitment.

The rest of the admin team was present and accounted for.

 Highlights and much appreciation noted for:

  • Each person’swillingness to challenge themselves and work to the best of their ability to take in and use the awareness, knowledge, and skills over the two days
  • Manda and Dan’s opening their home and space for all on Thursday evening.
  • For each team member who contributed to my massive Birthday Celebrationof talent, skill, humor, fellowship, and friendship
    • To Polly and Shellyfor the Carolina Conference vocal message rendition with violin accompaniment.
    • To Christy, Keith, Mary, Leslie, Lauren, Tracy, and Corriefor their PAC Supported Birthday Song with my aged finger direction…
    • To Beth Nfor my PAC Peacock wreath – Sorry Holiday Inn Express for the washcloth issue…
    • To Courtney, Diane, Debi, and Emilyfor the kinesthetic TEEPA cheer!
    • To Leslie for her short and accurate poem!
    • ToAlejandro for the fun video game with an internet connection!
    • To Cherylfor her On the Road Again video clip montage of Teepa Travels – let’s go Willie! (the only problem with it is that it showed the American plane actually moving 😉)
    • To Benji, Manda, Dan, Braden, Abby, and Sebfor a very funny video of what happens when you have an agenda and an Amber just wants moments of sensory pleasure, while an Emerald can contribute for a short time, if there is familiar structure, Sapphires can keep offering variations and repetitions without demonstrating loss of functionality.
    • To Carolyn, Valerie, JoAnne, Courtney,and the team for my beautiful PAC related cards
    • To Carolyn for her special Carolyn self-image card 😉
    • To Debi and Dianefor my two new beautiful peacock feather planter vases
    • To Andrea (and Alejandro) for my perfect colorful and sized running program shoes
    • To all my many well-wishers from Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Laura’s cookies- thanks to Tracy for helping them make the journey!
  • Lisa’s outstanding arrangements for food and drink to meet the needs of all the attendees
  • Dan’s last-minute shopping tours to adjust to an UhOh of the caterer. Beth and Courtney loved the salmon dish and Kathryn grabbed a bit as well.
  • Dick’s last-minute coffee additives and ice runs
  • Beth’s flexibility in leaving early on her own, negotiating to get to the plan and heading up to work with the leadership of Alaska to possibly integrate PAC into the tribal culture
  • The Team for building relationships and abilities!
  • The entire group for standing outside in the balmy, calm Michigan spring weather for a short game of PAC Style Red Rover…

What else has been happening in PAC?

We have increased our numbers at Cert Courses with the hard work of Mary, Laura, Diane, Debi, Courtney, Cheryl B, Manda, Valerie, Erin, Corrie, and Team! Most Excellent!!!

  • Syracuse Consultant = 10
  • Seattle Trainer = 26 = Full House!!!
  • Salt Lake City Coach = 10
  • Kansas City Trainer = 5
  • Halifax, NS Trainer = 5
  • London, UK Trainer – 20
  • London Coach = 5
  • Naples Consultant = 7
  • DC Trainer = 9

Articles of Note for the Week:

This title certainly caught my eye, but surely rubbed me the wrong way… I had to pause and read the info Carol B provided to appreciate her perspective. What she reported and indicated was absolutely accurate, however, it took me a few minutes to figure out what made me so irritated and uncomfortable…

Take a look (click here to see the title and article) and see what you think and feel. Next week I’ll share some thoughts, why I feel/think that way, and what it has to do with PAC, and what I am going to do after having read it, thought about it, and determined what it has to do with what I do. (Yes, I use AELC’s all the time… because they help me stay Sapphire or get back there when I falter 😉)

Here is Agnes talking about challenges with vision changes and visual distortions… Black holes and visual disturbances. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to skip visual changes when we talk about dementia… does it?

- Teepa

A few photos from the PAC Internal Consultant Guide Certification


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