The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending June 1, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending June 1, 2019 post page

Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsJune 3rd, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending June 1, 2019

Ever wonder what it takes to make PAC happen?  Please see the note below that Teepa shares out with the PAC Team every Sunday to get the full picture!

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The PAC Week in Review

Week ending June 1, 2019

Good Morning All,

For the second day in a row, North Carolina has had beautiful weather! Yeah – that’s cause for celebration, given the recent weather troubles all around! I also arrived home early on my red eye from Salt Lake City to Phoenix to RDU. I made it in at 5:30 am rather than 5:45! Thank You, American Airlines!

Melanie reports she is getting better every day. She has also been cleared for flights and travel AND she has had a good wash-up!

Our other good news for this week, starts with a bit of sad news. A good PAC friend and companion has crossed the “rainbow bridge” as his mom, Charleen reported. Many PAC learners and mentors had a chance to meet and enjoy Jasper, Charleen and Greg’s golden retriever. This past week, they found out, he had lung cancer and that it was time to support his passing in the least distressing way for him. Jasper’s drive to engage was part of his core. His calming, yet energetic personality struck just the right chord for many who were in the middle of their Cert Courses. We celebrate his life, while we grieve the loss. Hugs for Charleen and Greg.

Here is one final practice session where Jasper helps Charleen. Her goal is to complete part of her coaching re-cert. Beth Nolan started the tradition with her dog and child PPAs. Charleen and Jasper continue it with the expanded PPA, PPC, PAS, and H-u-H demonstration! Clearly, PAC is not limited to being supportive for someone living with dementia, its not even limited to working with humans…. Its just a way of being!

Let’s look back… what all happened this past week that was good news…

We all, hopefully, got at least some of Memorial Day off! Some more than others, but all had a day to consider those who are no longer present who provided what was needed when it was needed!

Then we started up again for the week.

I was off early on Tuesday to Rocky Mount, NC for a half day program. I presented on Mobility Enhancement and Fall Risk Reduction for PLwD a varied group of professionals. I ran into an old friend from my days with eh Eastern NC Chapter of the Alzheimers Association, Steve F from Wilson, NC. He is the chair of the Gerontology program there. He brought along two star students. We offered the first Caregiver Conference there over 10 years ago and the program is still going strong! Melanie presented last year!

Then it was off to a local RDU hotel for a webinar on Using Music with my co-host, Corrie. We had a fine time with song, memory and games. Many thanks to Shelly, Carolyn, and Rachel for being part of the session!

Then off to the terminal for my flight out to Sacramento.

I picked up Lauren late Tuesday evening (or early Wed morning for you east coasters, after a lengthy delay in flights, for our road trip to our Sacramento hotel.

We then spent the majority of Wednesday on-line either at meetings or running webinars.

  • It started pretty early with an All Certs Call run by

  • Then time to talk with Alejandro and few others.

  • Then on to a Podcast with Greg, Carolyn, Valerie and JoAnn on our On-Line Support system. Thanks to each of you for making sure we had an info session not an advertisement!

  • Next it was time for gathering with PLwD for a Let’s Talk Session. We kicked it off with Manda sharing about the Conference and opportunities to volunteer and attend. We then covered Mark’s question about excessive sleeping compared to fatigue issues. We covered a couple of other items, and then I shared my beginning work on a pamphlet to share with health providers on Common Issues and How to Help and How not to Help! Much more to follow on this project.

  • Next – the Team Webinar on Supporting Mobility When People Do Not Follow the Rules. Corrie did an amazing job of pulling and adding in video clips for conversation and it seemed like the group felt the session was helpful!

  • After that, Manda Emilio and I met to get the second series of Presenter and Engagement Webinars straightened out and up on line for sign ups. My on MY, what a project that is… They have it worked out and we are ready to kick off the series, BUT, we will start in July , not June as we hoped! We are going to use this month to try to get the numbers up!!! I am surely glad Emilio is a quick learner and Manda is good with details, as well.

  • Then it was time for the third Presenter Webinar in the series. This session as all about using voice and kinesthetic cues to share and engage your audience. Lots of AHHA lightbulbs, some fumbles, and many laughs… Great group and good progress! Thanks to our mentors for supporting each other and the learners, Manda, Cheryl B, Shelly, and Carolyn.

  • Finally we wrapped up our day of webinars with a lively and active Ask Teepa Anything. Corrie handled the session like the pro she is! She had us on Facebook Live and we had a full Zoom Room and lots of Chat. I had to do a switch for me to my Hot Spot due to poor quality internet at the hotel. Dick helped out with a link for someone. Carolyn and Rachel were terrific role paly partners and we had over 200 people checking in with us!

  • After all that, Lauren and I found a great Thai place for dinner… Super yummy. Check out the heart shaped rice and the curry options as well as chicken larb!

Early Thursday, we had our first Steering Committee meeting. Thanks to Carolyn, Alejandro, Debi, Valerie, and Lisa for agreeing to help us out on this. There are more details below related to this group and its function and purpose.

After that and a quick run to Starbuck’s across the street, it was on to PESI’s program in the hotel for a day-long session on Nourishment and Hydration in Dementia Care. Lauren was my partner and the attendees, both virtual and physical, found the content and the program more than they had anticipated. Three of them came up and shared that they felt it was one of the most practical and helpful programs they had been to in a long time! Go PAC!

How good was the Thai from the day before?… Lauren ate her leftovers without a nudge, while I wolfed mine down… well maybe just a little prompting on the heating up…They had cut the peppers correctly! Two pix of us!

Then it was time for me to drop Lauren back at Castle U with Eddy, Frosty, and Jonnie, while I scooted to the airport for my flight to Salt Lake City. More on the Coach Cert later.

What was good for others this week?

Despite another major glitch in the recertification notification system, Tracy and her support team, rose to the occasion and connected with all involved, apologized and explained again and hopefully now has a fail proof (knock on all available wooden surfaces) plan to catch errors before they affect real people. She has created fake people… that way we can test out what happens before it actually happens. This is plan K, and we are very hopeful this will work. The other good news-bad news is that it got us to look harder at our phrasing and wording and sequencing in this process. Not always pretty, but always a helpful process by the end of it all! Thanks to all who stepped in and stepped up. Major apologies again to all who were adversely affected.

Erin got the PAC Happenings for the week posted!

Erin, Corrie, and Valerie also got an Engagement Cert piece out and posted this week, cased on an idea that Manda floated. We have at least gotten a good bit of interest in the post…

Erin and the team are working on getting a new pop up ready to go for Monday on the Engagement Cert in Boston and the other Soon to Happen Certs…

Keith put together another FLASHSALE item – we will definitely want to make sure this gets a push where ever we can…

Want to get Culture Change Started for Your Community

Kick It Off with This Multi-Media Combination Designed to Make a Difference!

Keith also got the prototype of the GEMS STATE TOOL to share out with Beth, Kathy Beran, and me. We are excited to see it in the hardcopy format!

Valerie developed a plan to get more traction on Amazon… she is really taking that system in!

JoAnn is making great progress on getting more webinars and big items into bite sized pieces for better consumption and our new menu of support… future planning…

Our numbers for the Certs is improving some… not great, yet but better. Thanks to all our helpers – Diane, Mary, Laura, Debi, Cheryl, Courtney, Manda, and so many more!

Beth Douglas will be coming on at least a little to add more support to Certs and Marketing efforts in that area.

Jaclynn will be providing some additional support to Courtney, with International efforts.

Speaking of International – at least up north - Canada – thanks to Cheryl and Courtney, we have a location for our all Certified Community gathering in July in Ottawa, following our Consultant Cert. See this attached draft flyer for info.

Manda and I are moving forward with a newer idea for keeping a virtual company on target and moving forward. Based on Leadership Team feedback, we are adjusting who and how we meet when reviewing company-wide programmatic and financial goal setting, project and branch status and inter-connections, and personnel combined with workload and expectations. In other words, for overall guidance and monitoring of progress and roadblocks, combined with fiscal and functional oversight. To make this shift, we have begun meeting with a group called the Steering Committee. This group includes myself, Manda, Alejandro, Debi, Beth N, Valerie, Carolyn, and Lisa. The purpose of the group is to provide the support and timely guidance and follow-up that Manda and I are not able to offer, given our PAC schedules and commitments. These individuals will work with leads and teams on their projects and programs in our stead at times. These individuals have volunteered to help keep their teams and efforts moving forward in an organized and timely fashion, without having the larger group experience a great deal of wait time or non-focused time in meetings that involve more than one group or activity or forward planning versus current time activity.

We are planning to have an All Company kick off to Mondays with a 15 min gathering of anyone and everyone who is interested or involved at a PAC Team level. During this brief gathering, I will run through our overall progress toward project or programmatic goals from the week before or the week to come as well as the overall financial implications, using an AELC format. Manda may use this time to offer some key info or tips on upcoming future events that involve large numbers of people or large-scale offerings.

After that the Steering Committee will stay on line and we will be meeting with a rotating roster of Leads or Project Coordinators on their progress, efforts, status, and plans. That means Leads will only be sharing about once every other month on their efforts. Although they will be connecting with individuals from the Steering Committee much more regularly on specifics and details as each month goes by.

At the end of the meeting time, the Steering Committee will pull together and review what was covered and develop a weekly plan of action, support, and monitoring. The overall goal is to provide people and programs with the timely support needed to improve effectiveness, timeliness, and reduce stress and distress while limiting wait time or non-productive time.

For this system to work well, it will be important that folks are ready to share out, have thought through and have an agenda, are flexible with that agenda, and are responsive to requests or questions, using PAC strategies or techniques during their time with the group.

Here is the proposed rotation of people who will be sharing out:

  1. Shelly (Conference, Onsite Sales) + Amanda (Certifications, Overall, Teepa Webinar Series, Website?)
  2. Keith (Products overall, Hard copies) + Valerie (Online Video, Sponsorships**, Product Development)
  3. Polly (Teepa Talks) + Corrie (Teepa Webinars)
  4. Carolyn (Consulting, CPSS) + Beth N (R+P Certs, R+P Services)
  5. Cheryl (Licensing, Royalties) + Debi (Private Certs, Organization Designation, Community Visits)
  6. Tracy (Skills Days 1+2, Speakers, Recertifications) + Bonnie/Alejandro(Certified Community, Mentors, Apprentice Days)
  7. Diane (US and CA Public Certs) + Courtney (International)

We are adding another opportunity and supportive option for everyone. Both Manda and I will offer Open Office Hours each week. During that time, we will be on Zoom using our meeting room number. Anyone is welcome to:

  • pop in
  • ask questions
  • get info
  • follow-up on something
  • say hi, or
  • provide feedback.

Since the office door will be open, if you want private time or if there is a need for a more extensive meeting, we will offer an alternative.

As many of you may guess my weekly Open Office Hours will need to be a mobile option… My travel, speaking, and work schedule make it a bit of a challenge to do anything routinely.

For this first week of June, here are my OPEN OFFICE HOURS options:

  • June 6th morning – 8-9 ET from my hotel room in Chicago area.
  • June 6th and 7th Thursday or Friday 6-7 pm while I am at an airport awaiting a flight – free wi-fi

Second week of June my OPEN OFFICE HOURS will be:

  • June 11th 6:30-7:30 pm ET at RDU
  • June 12th and June 14th 7-8 am ET – at a hotel in FL or in MI at the Community Designation meeting

Since this a brand new for me… If I forget to be there, I will benefit from a prompt. Please text me and prompt me to get on Zoom!!!

Manda will do something Thurs am and Fri afternoon – she will follow up with a more specific plan of availability.

Other good news…

Our Coach Cert in Salt Lake City, at 12 learners, was reported by our mentor team as a terrific experience for each of them. Thanks to all who helped fill those seats! Our diverse learners all made progress and got many opportunities to both practice their new PAC Coaching skills, but also watch our team live the PAC Coaching experience with in the moment changes. Another outstanding job, coordinated by Beth Nolan, our Lead Mentor, and well supported by Kathryn and Kathleen. Every one of us stepped up and provided so many special moments – nicely done. A special thanks as well to the Cottonwood Team. Dana, Raven, Fern, and so many others all combined to make this venue and this experience top notch!!!!

A special thank you to Beth for hanging around after the Cert Course and supporting an helping me with the Family Gathering Time provided by Cottonwood for their families and residents who are coping with dementia in their lives and loved ones. While Kathryn and Kathleen were quietly and competently wrapping up details and getting stuff organized on Cert bits, in the same room, during this short event, Beth and I were spending 1:1 curbside consult time. With this offering, I got to meet some incredible people and offer some support and info that may improve situations and appreciation for what is really happening. Thanks to all! An added thank you to Kathleen for helping to navigate me back into the under construction, SLC airport after a long, long week and day…

Carolyn is still working with Cheryl B and running the On-Line Care Partner Support Series and is always looking for more people to attend. Any ideas on getting more people in this program? Share them with Valerie or Carolyn!

Bonnie responded to a frustrated PAC Certified person with a timely and helpful connection from a blog post!

Articles of possible interest

This report of a study shows that keeping an active and engaged brain can impact and delay appearance of symptoms of dementia, but may not affect actual accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque, except for people with APOE4 alleles and a high degree of education. For those people it actually changed the number of plaques forming… there were fewer, if they stayed cognitively active.

This rather frightening and disturbing article begins with the report of a man who successfully committed suicide after losing his wife, his health and control over his world. There are additional perspectives and ideas presented. Interestingly enough the focus is entirely on people who do not have a diagnosis of dementia, simply aging with a variety of health issues or emotional issues. There seems to be a bit of assumption that medical providers are good at identifying and managing depression and hopelessness. I am not sure most providers of support and care of elders are actually that tuned into the three elements of support that are essential to help someone cope with depression or anxiety and loss. I’d be curious about any concerted effort to explore comparing drug management and suicide watches to active engagement, conversations about changes and feelings, and medication reductions or pain management strategies… Just wondering on what to take from this article….

If you were curious about LATE, how about PART. Check out this new form of dementia – not new, just newly recognized!

If you want to confirm what we know about FTDs. Here is something for you.

Till next week – I hope you find many things to do that make a difference!

Your Traveling PAC Leader,



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