The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending April 27, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending April 27, 2019 post page

Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsApril 29th, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending April 27, 2019

Ever wonder what it takes to make PAC happen?  Please see the note below that Teepa shares out with the PAC Team every Sunday to get the full picture!

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The PAC Week in Review

Week ending April 27, 2019

Another week – Spring has sprung! Pollen count is high and thunderstorms are on the move and so is PAC!

This week was an interesting travel week and one loaded with meetings and internet activities, including webinars.

  • Monday started off with meetings to address current numbers on upcoming Public Certs in many locations. Syracuse is low on Consultant, Halifax and Seattle are low on Trainer, and Salt Lake City is low on Coach. We pulled a core team together and have made some adjusts to roles and responsibilities and activities to see if we can get this bus back on the highway. Debi’s hard work to get the Private Certs and Beth’s success at getting the Research and Grant based Certs doing better, has somehow skipped over the Public Certs. The good news is that the Trainer and Coach Certs are looking great for the UK in July. Thanks, in no small part, to Courtney, Nick, Allison, and Helen!

  • On Monday, the Conference Planning Committee also met. Shelly and Manda proposed and we agreed to eliminate the extra charge for the Personal Awareness and Support options along with the Educational options that were already part of the core rate. We already have over 50 people signed up to attend!!! And 12 sponsors!

  • Then we met on Marketing to review what came out, what is up next, and what is missing or needed. Then on to a meeting of Manda, Valerie, Erin, Corrie and myself to address more interactivity on the Website and data review on views, and traffic, and other things analytic combined with action plans for more visuals and improved options.
  • We also had a gathering of everyone involved in the PAC Education Kits. Cheryl and Corrie shared their planned revision of the fees and services that we will be offering along with a proposed name change. Keep an eye out for the final version. Transition will take a bit of time and the plan is on motion!
  • Not to be finished too early, we met about events on Insightly and what is current and accurate and what is not… More work needed and follow up is planned… To get ahead of the game, if you enter events or opportunities in Insightly, take a look at your areas and see if you have things up-to- date and accurate, or not. The Outreach Team is going to pause on entering new contact details into Insightly for the time-being as they drill down to getting contacts made with people identified by Leslie so that we increase our possibilities on Cert numbers increasing! Dividing up lists and checking in as a team (Team US = Diane, Mary, Leslie, Laura and Team Canada = Courtney, Mary, and some of our Canadian Mentors (Janet is one) on a daily basis for the next few weeks should keep us on track and current, even if there will be a good bit of data entry needed afterward!

  • Then Corrie and some of our terrific PAC Teammates worked with me as we ran the Care Partner webinar on Understanding and Responding to Sadness and Loss as it is Expressed by PLWD. Great team and some real Ah-ha’s for the group who met.

  • I finished off my day with a zoom interview, set up by Polly, with an OT student who is interested in gerontology practice and had an assignment to talk with someone who is both an advocate and an OT. It was a good opportunity to connect with the next generation who will carry practice forward!

  • Tuesday was a whirlwind of more gathering and processing.

  • We had another session with the details of getting marketing stronger for Certs. Do you sense a theme here? The challenge is to find and connect with the people who want and need these courses and get the two pieces to come together. Take a look at these new ideas (two pdfs are attached) shared by Beth Douglass, a new person in the mix, with a history of strong outreach and marketing background. If you have thoughts, please use your PAC Skills to provide feedback to Manda. The goal is appeal to the industry decision makers and get them to consider PAC Certification as a strong and positive business decision. Valerie, working with JoAnn, is also approaching the challenge from their background and expertise and contacts. I reached back out to a videographer that Jess asked to attend a Coaching Cert we held in Stratford last year. He did some great pieces on Skills Demo and also on some Video Testimonials from the learners who attended the two days. We are hoping to get photo permissions (thanks to Jess and Cheryl for the extra legwork on this) so we can begin using these items as well in both social media and outreach efforts.

  • Our Leadership meeting addressed multiple topics. One of the items, offered up by Corrie involves how we budget across various areas for the marketing efforts so that we are getting the best bang for the buck and that we are monitoring all expenses as we work to strengthen our presence in multiple arenas – on-line and thru local media and print media. More to follow on details related to this as we spread it out and get the detailing arranged.

  • Courtney is making great progress on settling all the details of the Australia trip in August….but some are still in process.

  • Polly and Dorothy have gotten all the bits and pieces for the Hawaii Teepa Skills Day taken care of, so that we will have the learners we want to have in place with great support of Dorothy’s Hawaiian PAC team!

  • On Tuesday, Alejandro and I led a Virtual Mentor Training session on determining Training ability state. Amanda M, Manda, Helen, Greg, Beth N, and Janet all participated. We reviewed a learner’s video and worked our way thru the challenge of what to do when a combination of emotional distress and new skills not being practiced enough causes a learner to be unable to really get around the AELC in a meaningful way due to a lack of involvement of any learner. The goal is for there to be a 50/50 sharing of the time and process…the first step is simply to see any evidence that the person is aware of the other side of the equation. That any question that is asked provides a space and time for a learner response. Now to address the idea of Trainer State of Skill compared to a Trainer Level of Skill…

  • Tuesday also saw the Private Cert Team for Vanderbilt come together with Alejandro and me to begin their team integration and planning steps to prepare for an interesting and challenging Private Certification program in June with the Vanderbilt Acute Gero-Psych Unit staff and follow up Champion Days with others in the hospital and medical community. Many thanks to Charleen for taking the overall lead and to Kathryn for taking Lead of Trainers while Charleen leads Coaches and Beth T and Debi provide support.

  • Tuesday evening after two days of various activities from home, I flew up to Baltimore and then made a somewhat familiar journey by car though the highways and backroads of Pennsylvania to State College! I was there not too long ago during a blizzard, Kathryn and Loy also visited immediately afterward and found weather conditions a challenge. This time the weather was fine, a little raining heading up, but massively improved.

  • This time I was with the PACAH (Pennsylvania Coalition of Healthcare and Living Communities). We met at the Conference Center of the Penn State campus in State College, PA. The weather was sure different than last time. Great group with which to share. They represent long term care providers that support Veterans Homes, County Homes, and many other private and non-profit skilled facilities and residential care providers. They were excited to have PAC presented and they had ordered the Resource Cards so we used them in the session with lots of enthusiasm noted.

  • Before I left the building, I met with Valerie, JoAnn, and Greg to create some new Podcast material. It will be out soon!

  • Then it was back on the internet and on the road to Baltimore airport.

  • On the way from State College, PA to Maryland, I participated in the Certs Leads Call. We worked thru some of our Uh-oh’s and found some Ah-ha’s to help us go from where we are to where we want to be. Practical first steps involve setting up a routine outreach system and plan and then adding on special marketing campaigns for the events that we want to boost or highlight. The team members are getting the core Outreach messages pulled together so that Erin, Corrie, and Valerie can have them in hand and we can set up a launch dates and posting dates that happen regularly for all the upcoming events for the year! We expect to get these ready in a week – Corrie, Erin, and Val – We will talk soon about the pass off…

  • Next I did a Podcast with Jimmy McKay with FoxRehab. When he finishes the clean-up he will share it with us. Should be a good addition to our out-message. He emphasized the value and excitement of our first annual conference.. It triggered for me the possible value of doing some of our own Podcasts with our big sponsors and pushing that out… So heads up to Shelly, Manda, Valerie, Joann, and Mary.

  • Then it was time for the Team Webinar on Helping Someone thru Transitions – we had a terrific group attending and with their help we addressed some real life transitions, using the consulting cycle. Kathryn, with her eagle ear and eye noticed this and shared back with group. Many thanks to Corrie for hosting and running video clips and for Alejandro and Kathryn for providing PAC Team back-up and to some our skillful PAC Community members, Rachel and Eileen for example, for helping out as well.

  • By the time I got back to NC it was early Thursday morning. Thursday morning was filled for many of our team Mentors with Apprentice Day second sessions. Let me just say that we will have a amazing group of new people joining us in June! Thanks so much to Bonnie, Alejandro, Kathryn, Amanda, Carolyn, Abby, and others for making these sessions exceptionally valuable to both the learners and to us!

  • I took a time-out from the sessions to do a missed interview-live podcast with a public radio station in Philadelphia area. In addition to an interesting and positive interview, she promoted the Arden Courts visits I will be doing in May! Maybe Polly will be able to get a version for us to use in our efforts as well!

  • On to a meeting with Corrie and Emily to finalize all the details for the launch of Who Are You Working with and What Can You Do to Help? (trial title???)  Articulate Course, first free teaser bits and then a for-fee course. As we prepare to launch the new LMS system this will be one of the premiere items we can have placed there… Corrie is working with Emily to get everything locked and loaded. Dick will give it one last look thru and then we are ready!

  • In the afternoon, I offered our first for the year, Senior Helpers sponsored webinar. They had over 800 signed up and over 280 actually attended in real time. I did my best to keep things dynamic, but it is a challenge to talk for 1.5 hours and make it sound like I am involving people all along the way, without any visuals other than slides and no feedback until the end. All that being said, we certainly got lots of compliments and positive feedback. We are going to be working with Senior Helpers to make this broadcast available to both their attendees and perhaps a wider audience for both of us. Cheryl, Polly and I will connect and figure out the details.

  • Then it was off to the airport again. The fun moment, was when Manda, Dan, Benji and Braden got off the same airplane I was coming to fly out on. Who would have thought the best way to get to Kansas City, MO from RDU is thru Detroit? Anyway, they were headed in to attend a good friend’s wedding and celebration in the ELG neighborhood. So once I finished up I came back on Friday and we got to have some fun over the weekend.

  • After making fairly smooth transitions thru the Detroit airport, except for forgetting my familiar Contigo coffee mug in the restroom, and not being able to get back off the plane, because of a grumpy and harried gate agent, I made it to Kansas City, Intercontinental Hotel without a glitch.

  • Friday morning, I delivered the opening keynote to First Light Home Care’s Conference. Beckie Rushing and her partner in crime are huge supporters and the company is using Relias. They are looking forward to creating a curriculum based on our content that they can use across the company. I supported their efforts and we will follow up with a plan for endorsing such a curriculum use and implementation.

  • I made it back home before the sun went down in NC! Wow, this is a first in a long time, unless it was a red-eye from the west coast!

What else has been happening in PAC…

Shelly did a Speaking Event on the 24th at Minot State University for the North Dakota Center for People with Disabilities. Hopefully she got out of town before the snow flew!

Beth has three great pieces of news to share from the Grants and Research arena:

  • PAC Alaska has hit a major milestone: After the upcoming PAC Trainer cert in May, every nursing home in state of Alaska will have a PAC Trainer bringing PAC awareness and knowledge to their staff.  HUGE thanks to PAC Trainers Gail Schiemann (Education Dir for Alzheimer’s Resources of Alaska), Leiza Johnson (Mountain-Pacific QIO) who have wrangled the last set of learners for the May cert.  Leiza and Beth N conduct quarterly webinars with the Alaska PAC Trainers to drill skill and build a community. PAC Partner Pam Kelley, the CEO of Alzheimer’s Resources of Alaska, Loy, and Beth N are BEYOND grateful!!

  • Leading Age Oklahoma welcomed Beth N for an all-day Speaker on Thursday with 50 nurses, CNAs, and Engagement directors.  Together, they dug-deep into how skills and strengths change, and how PPA and the PAS look and sound differently, across the all the GEMS states.

  • PAC Trainer/Coach/Research Partner Dr. Katie Ehlman, Beth N, and other faculty have been awarded a two-year, $200,000 grant to examine the effect of PPA on the emotional reactions of PLwD, as compared to a standard, friendly approach.  We’ll use eye-tracking technology to measure reactions without pesky, potentially biased, human judgment.  Ever heard, “Is PAC evidence-based?” While it may sound silly to collect data and write a paper on something we all feel every time we use PPA, this study will begin to validate PPA; in about 5 or 6 more studies, we’ll be able to answer “Yes, PAC is evidence-based!"

Keith and Beth are finalizing the GEMS State Tool Kit for field testing!

The good news is that Tracy stayed Sapphire for most of the time she continues to work thru the mess that is our membership data information… Bonnie sent out reassuring messages, the telephone tree worked well, and I finally got up with Brian by the end of the day on Friday to hear his info. Bottom line, the system is not working the way it is supposed to work and our experts at PageCrafters are not providing guidance and support that is helping. Our community members are not getting the service and messages they should be getting and we are still trying to dig out of this! The only good news on this… we are meeting on Monday and it is a coached over and coached up session!

Sorry for any good news I missed!

Thanks to all for all the hard work of the week! Enjoy whatever moments of fun and joy you have over the weekend!


  • I heard a really amazing NPR story this week. It involves placing electrodes in the brains of volunteers who are being treated and worked with due to their severe epilepsy and additionally worked with the researchers to produce language while being monitored. It turns out that by placing electrodes around the specific region of the left temporal-frontal lobe area for speech production, the brain sends messages that can actually be de-coded into sounds that can be turned into auditory signals. The signals are good enough to be understood by other humans. Whoa speech production from brain waves… this will soon (a few years) be a boon for so many conditions where muscle control loss is the problem, not the ability to form the thought, think the work and product the motor signal to get the word to be spoken, BUT the wiring to the actual muscles is damaged or the areas of the brain that send the signals are dead. Not so much for typical cases of most dementias, but possibly useful in PPA or vascular conditions… Check out the story, if you missed it!

  • One other good news piece. In Australia, there is a push to consider larger beds for people in later states of dementia when they are in facilities to that families and those who are seeking to offer comfort and connection can snuggle up and cuddle in in. It would allow space for connections and for distance, while fostering a sense of being available and present in all ways possible. Creating a safe home and space for our Pearls. They are calling it Cuddle Beds. Click here to learn more.

  • Something to raise an eyebrow and a few voices about… Limiting how many incontinence briefs or pads can be used in a day of care… Three should do it, right? NOT! Of course, offering opportunities that are not distressing, would go a long way to reducing the wasted products due to lack of staff awareness, knowledge, and skills.

A Smile:

Dick found this one:

What is the older adult version of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes?  Answer: Glasses, Wallet, Keys, and Phone! Now for the motions that go with it…

- Teepa

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