The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending April 20, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending April 20, 2019 post page

Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsApril 22nd, 2019

The PAC Week in Review for Week Ending April 20, 2019

Ever wonder what it takes to make PAC happen?  Please see the note below that Teepa shares out with the PAC Team every Sunday to get the full picture!

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The PAC Week in Review

Week ending April 20, 2019

Happy Sunday to All!

For our community members of the Jewish faith, I hope your Friday Passover Seder was celebrated with those whom you love and care about, and that you too find the many blessings thru the plagues that accompany brain changes!

For our community members of the Christian faith, I hope your Holy Week and Easter has led you to a place of celebration and a fresh awakening that there is joy to be celebrated in transformation, when awful losses occur.

For all our other PAC Community members, I hope your past week has held moments of joy and opportunities to make small changes or practice the changes you have been working to hold on to!

My past week was a busy one. Although the travel was relatively light!

  • I started my week with a trip to the dentist’s office for a root canal on another abscessed toot
    h. The good news, he saw me early in the morning and was able to do the work thru the crown that was already in place as part of a five-tooth bridge that I have on that side! Bit more good news, I made it back on line for Leadership!

  • The day officially finished off with the Support Group Gathering that focused on what to do and how to handle it when the person you are trying to help is struggling to acknowledge/notice changes. On one hand you are OK, but are not necessarily coping well with the lack of abilities on the other side of the fence. Thanks go to Clarke and Carolyn for helping to make this a great session of support.

  • Tuesday I was up and out of the house by 3:45 for my early morning flight to Detroit, so I could offer the learners in Grand Rapids a surprise visit. It was fun to spend some time with the Team, the Learners, and the Holland House gang!

  • While I was at the cert, I took some time out to meet with JoAnn and Valerie about re-starting our Florida Training – Part 1 and 2 with the video clips and content we have developed while they were at Pines and I came down for filming.

  • At the end of the work day, Keith and I met to move the mini-poster set forward with some more revisions…  Sonya has created several options for us to consider.

  • After that, it was off to celebrate the completion of the Cert with the team and food and drink and then on West Lansing to get ready for the next day of offerings.

  • Wednesday was a day at the Royal Scot Banquet Center with Barbara Roden’s Senior Helper crew with a full house for two sessions. Alejandro provided excellent partnered role plays and observations on audience-partner selection from the homework in Presenter Series for the first 1 ½ portions of the day. He headed home after I worked with him. I got our second set of partners involved. I had Jordan, a Master’s OT student from Western Michigan, who volunteered the last time I worked with Holland House in Grand Rapids. She is excited about her future and the possibilities of PAC in her work! Additionally, Dan came over and shared out about some of the additional PAC Resources for the second group.

  • On Wednesday evening, I stopped by to visit the family in Commerce township on my way over to Rochester, MI.

  • Thursday, I was in an amazing facility for three different programs for families, professionals, and some people living with brain changes. Probably over 500 people were in attendance over the course of the day. The location is the Older Persons’ Commission complex. It has over 90,000 sq ft or space devoted to a wide array of services and engagement opportunities for people over the age of 50. Renee and her staff and volunteers did a remarkable job of making us welcome and supporting the program sponsored by Senior Helpers, Hospice of Michigan, and the OPC. Thanks to Barbara and her team here for making this such a grand success. Many thanks to Abby for stepping up and partnering with me throughout the day to demonstrate communication options that promote well-being for both parties! It was also fun to have Dan, Manda, Benji, and Braden stop by for the evening session.

  • During the day, I got a chance to meet with Jewish Hospice leaders who are working with Barbara and Hospice of Michigan to consider offering a program next year that is even bigger and more exciting!

  • Then Dan and Benji made the long journey to the DTW airport to pick me up after I dropped off the rental car to head back to Manda’s and Dan’s for the next few days!

  • Friday was spent in multiple meetings and on various projects. Manda has a hot new idea for outreach and we are working on that. Mary D and her husband, Tom are working on this as well… more details to follow.

  • Saturday was another day of, e-mails, paperwork, project progression, meetings, and a check in with Charleen on the GEMS Journey Performance script development.

News from other PAC Team Members:

Manda and Dan have been hosting meetings with leaders of various projects and efforts to get each person up to speed on costs and incomes from each of areas of practice, service, and products. So far, between last week and this week, they have met with Debi, Amanda, Valerie, Beth N, Corrie, Keith, Courtney, Tracy, and Diane. Next week it is Cheryl, JoAnn, Carolyn, Shelly, and Polly. After this process is complete each lead will be sharing out their status on a regular basis to help everyone appreciate where we are at any point in time and where we are headed over all! Thanks so much to each person with an extra special thanks to Dan and Manda for getting this piece on track!

Dan and Shelly have done a little do-si-do this week. Shelly will take on the travel arranging and Dan will take back over the editing for PAC On-Line Journal, as well as serve as lead for all PAC editingShelly will handle all travel requests and continue to manage PAC Conference promotion with the rest of that team. Many thanks to Shelly for taking that on Journal editing for a bit and helping Dan realize how much he liked it!

Our PAC Trainer Cert happened in Grand Rapids at the Holland House training space on Monday and Tuesday.  Our team over on that side of the state was Amanda, Alejandro, Beth, and Abby plus Braden and the Holland House PAC Certified Trainers, Lynn and Rosemary combined with the whole Holland House Community. The learners were excited to see me and had many good things to share out from their first day as they progressed thru day two. Feedback from this group indicated they felt they gained much more than they anticipated!

JoAnn is continuing to plow thru a good number of short segments to create sharing items to promote interest in more options.

Looks like Charleen has finished a draft of the GEMS Stage Show for the Conference to get things moving with that project. Thanks for the quick turn around on that one!

Polly spent part of her week working on the Engagement Cert ManualGetting it ready for the June offering in Boston is quite an undertaking, with all of Teepa’s revisions. Thanks,  Polly!

Amanda has finished all the details on the hundreds of tickets for tasks throughout the First Annual PAC Conference in RTP. She will open it up on Monday to the PAC Team so that everyone has a fair shot at the opportunities, if you want them. I am excited to have you all there and look forward to seeing you in a variety of sessions and learning situations throughout the conference. Please allow yourself plenty of balance in your days and evenings so that you walk away refreshed and energized!

Articles and Other Items of Interest:

For those of you involved in activities, here is a great post on the Alzheimers Society blog, by Heather, about some internet activities for engaging someone – or doing together…

If you are into the weird and potentially challenging ethical issues. You may or may not have heard that scientists got a bit of a surprise this week when they successful partially revived brains in hogs’ heads that had been butchered for food. About six hours after death, using a ground breaking chemical mix and process, they  were able to get cells to come back on line and function. There was no organized communication among cells to produce conscious thought or awareness. The reality of this new process is that it does potentially change the scene for Institutional Review of Research. Before, death was the end of needing to consider a person or being as human… now? I am not sure how this fits into dementia research, however, there may be some questions about the end of life and extension of life that goes beyond where we are now. Hopefully, not in the near future for most of us. Click here for some details on this topic.

I hope each of you have another good week ahead!

- Teepa

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