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Linn Possell

By Linn PossellOctober 24th, 2019

The Essence of Our Being Together


by Reverend Linn Possell,
PAC Speaker and Mentor

Out beyond the ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. -Rumi

When someone is living with dementia, we often fall into the cycle of noticing what is different and then trying to fix what that is or trying to normalize the person. What this does is cause a separation between us, one that can become difficult to overcome. The barriers that we create between one another are what limits the possibilities of our life. But life is limitless, and therefore, how can we break down the barriers so that we are able to connect with someone with whom we may not understand anymore?  When we can move past the right and wrong, the good and the bad of what life shows us, we can find our greatest power to become more than the things that hurt us or that we no longer understand. We move beyond the ideas or wrong-doing and right-doing through the power and energy of our heart.  The heart is what centers us; it guides us and allows us to connect with another life. This connection is beyond tasks and agendas, it is beyond challenges and abilities. This connection is the connection that brings the essence of our being together. 

For your meditation this month, begin by centering your heart, and then center your intention.

As you say this meditation, breathe in and out deeply for each intention.
Take a deep breath in and as you exhale say…

May I be well
May I be happy
May all things go well for me
May I be peaceful

Now take a moment to hold the image of your loved one in your heart and repeat.

May you be well
May you be happy
May all things go well for you
May you be peaceful



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