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Amanda Bulgarelli

By Amanda BulgarelliOctober 24th, 2019

Teepa’s Top Three Tools for Communication


How I am working with my boys to learn social and self-care skills with RESPECT

by Amanda Snow Bugarelli,
PAC Chief Operating Officer

The great thing about PAC Skills is that they are universal for how we should, could, and might interact if we are thoughtful in our communication. Teepa’s recommendation of using Visual, then Verbal, and then and only then Touch cues has proven to be a life-saver for me with my two boys AND for working with those living with dementia.

In my house, we train ourselves to use the PAC Skills shown in this short video…

  1. Visual – Use substitution, not subtraction to take something away
  2. Verbal – Use reflection of their question or words to shift the conversation
  3. Touch – Use Hand-under-Hand® to offer support without taking over skills

These PAC Skills are life skills, we are having fun with them and trying to improve communication each day one interaction at a time.

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