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By Keith IcoveMay 22nd, 2020

Teepa’s Clips – Small Bytes, Big Taste


by Keith Icove,

PAC Lead Product Coordinator

This month I would like to highlight one of PAC’s newest resources, Teepa’s Clips, which is a low-cost, subscription service that gives you access to essential and practical dementia care content in 20 minutes or less.

Even though many of us are spending more time at home than usual, we are still busy with things like working remotely, cooking meals, keeping our homes clean and tidy, and most importantly, taking care of our family. So, it can be a challenge to find extended periods of time for learning and personal growth, even more so if we are also caring for someone living with dementia. For those working essential jobs, which now require extra precautions to remain safe and healthy, the time and energy it drains creates even greater challenges.

Teepa’s Clips gives you access to a collection of short, helpful, and content-rich webinar clips you can watch at your convenience. Each segment with Teepa also includes a PAC Mentor to guide you and highlight key points to help grow your care skills. The clips cover a wide range of topics including different dementia types and traits, normal aging vs. abnormal aging, engagement ideas, Teepa’s GEMS®, challenging behaviors, and so much more. New content added every month.

We are all dealing with a lot of stress these days, including financial insecurity, so we offer Teepa’s Clips with a 14-day, no cost, stress free trial. We think you’ll find it useful and practical, but if it’s not for you it’s easy to cancel anytime from within your teepasnow.com account. If you love Teepa’s Clips, but have particular topics you would like to see covered, just let us know and we will do our best to include those in the future.

Take a look and try it out now! Click here for Teepa’s Clips.

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