Isolation is Hard for Everyone

by Laura Case, PAC Customer Service Support Definition of Isolation: the condition of being alone, especially when this

How It All Began – Our Journey

by Laurel Hed, Geriatric Care Manager Although we know that everyone’s journey is different, there are also many similarities.

The PAC Tribe

(1st Annual Extended Family Gathering) Some news from our 2019 Conference by Shelly Edwards, MLS, PAC Business Development

Dining with Ambers

by Deirdre Thornton, PAC Mentor What is your most significant memory of sharing a meal with family, friends, or others?

Let’s Go Say Hi to Grandpa

by Olivia I. Nolan, Family Member of PLwD Hi, my name’s Olivia. I am 11 years old. My grandpa loves cars, telling jokes,