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By teepa_snow_adminNovember 1st, 2018

Simple C

Our mission is to offer a non-drug alternative to respond to changes in memory. We focus on practical, scalable, repeatable, person-centered solutions, while engaging individuals, families, and caregivers. We envision that our blend of technology, person-centered approach, and basis in science will be the first choice to support our seniors in their day and throughout the years. We see our solution supporting seniors with normal age-related changes in cognition so they can longer live independently. Being person-centered means that our solution adapts to individual changes in cognition over time. It also easily moves to different living arrangements and can become a companion across the life-span. Our solution aims to support the activities of daily living, increase functionality and level of activity, provide cognitive training, enhance a sense of community, and allow each person to continue sharing their life story and interest.

The SimpleC Companion™ is an intuitive touch-screen application that promotes memory, engagement, and better communication for seniors.

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