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Stephanie Landmann

By Stephanie LandmannJune 23rd, 2020

Sensory Motor Activity


by Stephanie “Teffie” Landmann, COTA/L,

PAC Support Mentor, Coach, and Trainer

Try this activity when thinking about the sensory motor strip. Hint: data in, data out.

Items needed:

  • Two people
  • Two sheets or paper
  • Two pieces of tape
  • Two markers (any color)

Set up:

Tape one sheet of paper on a wall at about shoulder height. One person stands in front of that paper facing the wall with a marker. The other person tapes the other sheet of paper to the back of the first person and stands behind them with their marker. Both people should be facing the wall, with one person behind the other person. The person closest to the wall should not be able to see the person behind them.


The person in the back, furthest from the wall, thinks of something simple to draw and does not tell anyone. For example, a simple stick figure person. The person in the back draws on the paper that is on the other person’s back one item at a time. For example, one straight line down. Then the person at the wall draws on their paper, the one on the wall, what they think they felt. The first person waits until the person at the wall stops drawing. Then the first person draws one more thing, say one arm and wait. Then another item like the other arm and wait, until the drawing is done. Oh, and there is no talking, no help with words.

What happened with the two drawings? Are they the same or are they different? Why did that happen? How are they the same or different? Think about the person facing the wall and the person behind them. Who is the person living with dementia and who is the care partner? How was information getting from one person to the other? If you could change one thing in this activity what would you change? Give it a try.

Warning: Please do not draw on your partner or on the wall. You might get an amygdala response.


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    Good morning,

    I really like this idea. I’m a CNA/ Lead Mentor/Certified Dementia Practitioner at a facility. On New Employee Orientation day, I have an hour to spend with the new staff doing activities of what it’s like to be in a long term care facility. Growing old, having dementia and what resident’s face and challenge everyday. Can’t wait to try this new activity.

    Thank you!

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