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By Stephanie LandmannDecember 18th, 2020

Practice Makes…


by Stephanie “Teffie” Landmann, COTA/L,

PAC Support Mentor, Coach, and Trainer

If you answered perfect, that is the common response. One could say, practice makes habit. Practice is a great way to build new habits. What happens when the habit is one that you want to shift or change? What habits do you want to change and how do you change them? What do you need to be successful and why?

One thing I need to change into a habit is having someone to talk to. Someone to explore with me what is working and what might not be as helpful. An extra set of eyes to get to that next step of success.

For example, I was recently training someone in a new skill. We talked about the steps needed to master the skill. They repeated back to me the steps needed to master the skill to make sure it was clear and then tried the steps over and over. Mastering the skill still did not come. What was missing? Why could we not master the skill? How are we going to build this skill? Finally, what can we do differently?

Then it was suggested that we record the process. Take a video of the practice so that we can see where the change in the habit can make a positive difference. What a great idea. We recorded it, looked at it together, and then discussed what we saw. What two things went well? What is one thing that you would like to fine tune or shift?

Those are the types of questions a good coach asks to help change skills into good habits. Did I mention my coach was a person living with dementia? Everyone can be a coach.

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