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Amanda Bulgarelli

By Amanda BulgarelliDecember 17th, 2019

PAC Engaged Organizations


See who is newly designated with Positive Approach to Care


by Amanda Bulgarelli,

PAC Chief Operations Officer


New in 2019, PAC recognizes its first three organizations that are working toward a more positive care culture. Led by incredibly dedicated PAC Certified Independent Professionals, these three organizations are making waves in the dementia care waters.

The Organizations:

PAC Knowledgeable: Hale Kuike – Hawaii

PAC Aware: Alzheimers Support Network – Florida

PAC Participating: Towsley Village at UMRC – Michigan

In November, at the PAC Annual Conference, all three organizations were recognized and celebrated.



Dorothy Colby w/Teepa


Loy Campbell w/Teepa


Katherine Garvey w/Teepa

One more organization is in process to become designated as PAC Aware – Holland Home in Michigan will soon be added to the growing list of organizations.

Find out more about the designation process.

See these three organizations recognized.


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    1. Corrie Phillips

      Hi Debbie – we do not have a listing just yet as we have many groups that are working to build up the programs in their communities. You might consider connecting to someone in our certified community that’s in your area and see if they can make some recommendations.

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