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By Amanda BulgarelliJanuary 15th, 2018

PAC Changes in 2018!


By Amanda Bulgarelli, PAC Mentor

PAC is going through some exciting changes in 2018 that will allow individuals to build a deeper and stronger knowledge and skillset with Teepa’s content and approach.

It’s hard to believe, but Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) just turned TEN!

In ten years, the Positive Approach to Care (PAC) team has grown exponentially and has touched thousands of lives affected by dementia. Leading this PACk, Teepa Snow has worked for 40 years with intensity and purpose to develop, and then spread, awareness of the potential that her strategies and techniques have to change the culture of care and the delivery of services for people living with dementia.

Through hours of one-on-one work and personal development with Teepa, PAC now has a team of Accomplished and Master Mentors, Trainers, Coaches, Speakers, Engagement Leaders, Preceptors, and Consultants stepping up and stepping out to help spread her message even further.

The Positive Approach to Care Team and Teepa are offering some really new and different things in 2018. Here are the three areas where these changes will happen:

Teepa’s Knowledge Intensive Events

PAC Independent Trainer Certification Courses

PAC Champion Local Courses (Coming Soon!)

Here is a bit more about each of the three areas mentioned above…

What is new in 2018?

2018 Teepa Knowledge Intensives

This year PAC will offer, for the very first time, four different PAC Knowledge Intensives conducted by Teepa Snow and her Accomplished Team of Mentors.

Each workshop will fill a day. They are packaged in two-day sets, though people can attend either day or both days.

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