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Bonnie Tilley

By Bonnie TilleyDecember 17th, 2019

Our Certified Community


by Bonnie Tilley,

PAC Certified Community Team Lead


Hello, my name is Bonnie Tilley and I have the pleasure of working full time for Positive Approach® to Care (PAC). My role at PAC involves developing a sense of community for those who have one or more PAC Certifications. We lovingly call these folks our PAC Certified Community.

Our PAC Certified Community consists of over 1339 members. The bulk of our Certified Community have chosen the Trainer certification, 834 of them as of this moment. We also have 289 Coaches, 130 Consultants, and 86 who are Engagement Leaders or Preceptors. Lastly, we have 424 folks who are not yet certified, but are in the process of becoming certified. We call them our In-Training folks. In addition, we still have several certification courses to run this year and even more next year, so our numbers will continue to grow! Wow. What a great group!

In fact, they are so great, we should really celebrate them. But…what has our Certified Community been up to in 2019? Well…they have been busy… growing. The Certified Community has grown, not only in numbers, but they have grown in awareness and skills as well.

They have taken part in more than 15 webinars, with over 600 people in attendance. The topics for these webinars range from Living in a Virtual World to Reinforcing Multiple Intelligences to Hand Motions for Parts of the Brain and everything in between. Our Certified Community members have been able to practice and deepen their Trainer, Coach, and Consultant skills by working with our mentors.

Speaking of mentors, we held our annual Apprentice Days in June, at which time eight new mentors joined the PAC team. Congratulations to Shelly Edwards, Dana Dunbar-Leavitt, Matthew Michael Christopher, Staci Sokol, and Allison Groves. We also have three new mentors from the UK. Congratulations to Helen Lambert, Ali Turner, and Nick Johnson.

Our Certified Community has its own Facebook group where members regularly ask questions, explore ideas, and engage in getting to know each other better. Along the way, we have all learned some things about each other.

For instance, we learned that community member Wanda Statton overcame her fear and did her very first training, which was successful. Great work Wanda, we knew you could do it!

Another thing we learned is that Crystal Thomas officially began her LLC and ordered business cards. Crystal also recently held two classes, with her staff reporting great success. Congratulations Crystal, we can’t wait to hear more stories of your success.

Missy Harden shared an article with us that was published in her local online paper. She partnered with Senior Helpers for a free community event titled, Engaging Brain Changes and How to Care for Loved Ones with Dementia. Way to Go Missy! Great job spreading awareness in your community.

Are you a Certified Community member who wants to let us know the great work you are doing in your community? Please email me and fill me in on the details. Beginning in 2020 this Online Dementia Journal will have a special place to highlight our Certified Community. This section will be called Certified Community Corner or C3. Please send your articles as soon as possible and stay turned to hear about the wonderful things happening. Great job Certified Community, we celebrate you!

Bonnie comes to PAC from an extensive background in coaching and training. Bonnie has a passion for connecting the Certified Community to PAC, to each other, and to their communities. She does this through many avenues; including webinars, the Certified Community Facebook group, our blog, surveys, and more.


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  1. Avatar

    Hi Bonnie,
    I am interested in becoming PAC certified, trainer certified and wondered how I can go about this

    1. Corrie Phillips

      Hey Tracy – Check out Services Tab on the website to view details about the various certifications and then let us know if you have any questions. You can register right on the site!

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