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By Linn PossellMay 17th, 2018

Looking Through Ruby Eyes


by Reverend Linn Possell,

PAC Lead Mentor Coach

Our identity does not depend on the role that we play or the power that it gives us. Our identity is given value by the simple fact that we have been given life. Therefore when someone lives with Ruby brain change, we must be careful to remember that there are many things that are inherently beautiful about a Ruby, and when we look carefully, closely, and respectfully at a Ruby we can find some very important insights about life. One of the things that someone living with Ruby brain change is able to do and can both remind, and teach, is to focus on that which is right in front of us. Someone with Ruby vision usually has monocular vision. Take a moment to look at something with monocular vision by closing one eye and using a hand to put a monocle to the other eye. What do you see? What are the things on the periphery that you now cannot see with this monocular vision? And what would it be like if we could take a moment out of each day to focus on one thing with Ruby vision; shutting out all of the other peripheral images so that we could concentrate on one image, as a Ruby does?

Often times when we think about meditation or prayer, we try to really focus on being present in the moment, the moment that is right in front of us, rather than being distracted by all the things that are trying to get our attention. Being in the moment, celebrating the precious moment that we are living as we live it, allows us to be present in the only moment that we really have. If we were to take a lesson from our friends and loved ones who live with Ruby brain change, I believe that we can learn some important lessons. One of these lessons is to learn to focus on that which is right in front of us, without being distracted by the images on the periphery competing for our attention.

I invite you, throughout this season of spring, with its budding flowers and trees, with the birds that reappear as the air gets warmer, and the other signs of new life, to take a moment from time to time and focus on the beauty of life which is right in front of you and not be distracted by the images on the periphery.

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