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By Online Dementia JournalJanuary 23rd, 2020

Lauren With a Side of Lewy


by Lauren U,

PAC Core Team Member

I'm having a rough time. Everything is too much, too difficult, too frustrating, and too bothersome. I went to Las Vegas with two high school friends. I mentally gave up after day two. The noise, the lights, the smoke, and the people were all annoying. It became too stressful. I was overwhelmed. I can't be more descriptive than that. I'd been planning on writing this article to share interesting or funny moments of my visit. In the end, I'm unable to. I'm not going to write any article other than this. I can't. I won't. I don't want to. I'm quite unhappy. So, this is it. This is my article. It's all I've got.

Lauren U is a member of the Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Core Team. She was a registered nurse with the ANCC Board Certification in Psychiatry for 30 years. Now she is the keeper of the frolic. Lauren has been living with Lewy Body Dementia (love how they add "with behavioral disturbance") for over five years. She currently lives in Northern California with her professor husband, Eddy. PAC agrees with Lauren – that she is delightful!

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    I commend you for sharing your struggles with Lewy Body. It takes a very special person to do this. I am hoping that you put yourself in a calmer environment and are now happier. My sister had Lewy Body so I am familiar with this. Keep writing, I read all that you write. Be well and stay strong!

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    I love Lauren! And for what it’s worth, I think you are a good sport for heading to Las Vegas with your friends. I would not last 2 hours much less 2 days for all the same reasons – too intense.

    Am I remembering from a past column that you are a animal person – especially horses? Me too, please share. Thumbs up.

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    Dear Lauren,
    I read your article every month. I am always interested in what you will choose to share. You have shared personal things that have helped me to better understand what a person living with dementia might be experiencing. I know you have helped a lot of people by sharing what you are going through. The sun will come out but in the meantime you have the whole PAC community that cares about you.
    Thank you for giving of yourself. Sending you hugs.

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    Thank you for all the effort of sharing. I read your stories every month in hopes of becoming a more aware and supportive care giver. You are making a difference.

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