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By Online Dementia JournalJune 17th, 2021

Lauren With a Side of Lewy


by Lauren U,

PAC Core Team Member

Not a great time for me. My dog, the famous Frosty, is ill. It’s almost intolerable. It’s horrendous to have a sick pet. I adore this dog.

I’ve loved animals forever. When I was very young, I brought home puppies or kittens but was never allowed to keep any. I begged and begged. I wanted a dog or a cat so badly! It became my purpose, to be able to have a pet. At age seven I saw my first ever Alaskan Malamute puppy. The most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I decided, quite firmly and suddenly, that I wanted an Alaskan Malamute. Eventually, my parents gave me a list of conditions that needed to be met if I was to get my dog. I know they were conditions my parents never thought I’d meet. The Malamute had to be free, local, no toll calls allowed for searching. Enter Very Determined Girl. My parents were incorrect. I spent hours each day searching, scanning newspapers, making local calls. Two years later, at age nine, I found my dog! She was just under a year old, local, and free. My parents, who were very surprised, had to consent. I did it! My first ever pet! A beautiful girl. Her name was She, and she was smart and affectionate and very sweet. My mother was initially afraid of her. Within a few months they bonded and my mom loved her very much. A couple of years later we got Chandar, another Malamute from the same man we got She. He was a huge, dopey, silly boy. I loved these dogs.

At age 19 I moved across the country, sight unseen, alone, to Arizona. There I took home first one, then a second stray cat. Cats are great! Later the three of us moved again, to California. Soon, I had a small zoo. Two cats, two bunnies, six large aquariums, both freshwater and marine, and a new puppy, this one a pretty Collie. Next came another Alaskan Malamute puppy. Add two more puppies from the local animal shelter. My heart was filled with love. It stayed like this for years. Sadly, they did die, as pets do, but when I moved back east, I still had the two dogs from the shelters. Once in PA, the two left did also die, leaving me crushed and inconsolable. It took a year until I was ready for a new pup.

Along with Malamutes, I was very interested in Ibizan Hounds, especially rough coats. This was a faraway dream, they are not a common breed. I decided I would adopt a Greyhound from a rescue and I made many calls in my search. I finally found a rescue to work with and I was going to go the following day to meet the available dogs. That evening, I received a phone call, from Washington state, from a woman who had gotten my name from one of the rescues. She had a rough coated Ibizan Hound puppy available and was I interested? The next day would have been too late, I would then have had my Greyhound. But an Ibizan puppy! We spoke for a while and it was decided. The puppy would be mine. Oh, how I love this dog, my Frosty. Fast forward a couple of years and another cross country move back to California, and my husband brought home a scruffy Shih Tzu boy, from a shelter. We call him Jonnie, or JonBoy or Buddy, or any number of names. He’s cute, and sweet. Frosty and Jonnie get along great. Never one issue between the two. And so, I fell in love with this little dude too.

My love of animals started at a very young age and has never left nor lessened. As a general rule, I much prefer animals to humans. My pets are family, and they are souls I love deeply. Please send some healing vibes to my FrostDoggy. She’s ill and we are struggling to find the cause and the cure. I need my Frosty.

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