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By Online Dementia JournalJuly 17th, 2018

Lauren with a Side of Lewy


by Lauren U,

PAC Core Team

Wow! What a month. I've decided and have been encouraged to strengthen my body and get as healthy as possible. I'm trying to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. PAC is in my ear and on my conscience if I don't. I've been taken on PAC hikes and walks, into the desert, and even to a small gym. I'll admit it, I find most exercise boring and the complete opposite of fun, but I do agree that movement is good for the body and the soul.

I have weekly horseback riding with Shannon, my Equine Therapist. Fell once, injured once. The horse and I both have a need for frolic. It's a good match. I like it. I also went canoeing with a friend, no PAC urging necessary.

What else? I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet! Yes, I did and it was fantastic! It was as much fun as I imagined. Adrenaline surge! Flying has been fascinating to me for as long as I can remember. So when given the opportunity, I was all in. What an amazing experience. I was wearing my PAC jacket and threw in a shameless plug while being videotaped. The last time I was determined to fly the police were dispatched (you know who you are). This time no emergency personnel required. Videos available on my Facebook page. A day I hope to remember.

And there's more. When I was young and healthy I loved my bicycle. It was my main mode of transportation and lots of fun. Enter Lola. Lola is my new adult trike. She's beautiful, right? Every day now I ride at minimum once in the early morning when it's cool and quiet in my neighborhood. The trike eliminates balance fears. Lola has a matching jingle bell, cup holder, and basket. I recently added a rear-view mirror. Safety first! That is the PAC motto I must live by. (You all know who you are)! Each day I try to ride longer than before. No encouragement required for my Lola time. I like her! I am curious what additional notes Teepa will have to enter into the already existing Lauren notes at airports so Lola can travel with me.

Until next time, keep an eye out for the slightly odd woman on the big tricycle.

Lauren U is a member of the Positive Approach™ to Care (PAC) Core Team. She was a registered nurse with the ANCC Board Certification in Psychiatry for 30 years. Now she is the keeper of the frolic. Lauren has been living with Lewy Body Dementia (love how they add "with behavioral disturbance") for over five years. She currently lives in Northern California with her professor husband, Eddy. She enjoys spending time with her friends (the horses) at her TROTR equine therapy program. PAC agrees with Lauren – that she is delightful!

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