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By Online Dementia JournalDecember 18th, 2020

Lauren With a Side of Lewy


by Lauren U,

PAC Core Team Member

The conference, oh the conference. There were over 700 attendees! So many people who want to learn about dementia and dementia care. This makes me happy. I spent my time doing all sorts of things but mainly I answered a lot of questions and my PAC family told a lot of Lauren stories. It's all good though sometimes embarrassing. I met many people for the first time. I was glad to see those I've seen before. Lots of folks know me as Teepa's friend, some think I'm family, I think I'm kind of both. The zoom feature was mostly okay with a few glitches. It mostly worked out. It enabled people from all over the globe to attend, most could not have attended without the virtual world. That was nice. I had a good and exhausting experience. Usually I eat way too much candy when I'm with PAC in person. Now my chocolate allotment has been disturbed. I am far below my chocolate needs; I probably have a chocolate deficiency. Thank you to everyone who attended. A huge thank you to PAC and all who worked so hard to pull this off! The conference, oh the conference.

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