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By Online Dementia JournalJuly 16th, 2020

Lauren With a Side of Lewy


by Lauren U,

PAC Core Team Member

These are the five questions I am asked on a very, regular basis, with answers.

1. What is your real name? What does Ga Mei U mean?

U is my last name. It's not an abbreviation for a longer name. U. Just U is the entire last name. The single letter is the whole last name.  Ga Mei means beautiful family in Cantonese. I was given this name by my husband and in-laws as I joined the family. Nice, right? In many forums I use Lauren U only to eliminate more confusion.

2. Is that a dog?

Yes, that's my dog Frosty. She's an Ibizan Hound. I've been asked if she is a deer/dog hybrid. Or maybe she's an albino kangaroo. But certainly, that's not a dog! She is not an elf. She's not a rare fictional character. She is, however, magic.

3. Have you learned much Chinese yet?

Well, let's be more specific. Cantonese or Mandarin? Yikes! My husband is fluent in both. I have learned some important phrases. I know the word for diamond. I can say thank you, but mostly I speak the essentials. I can say big white dog and little black dog. Priorities.

4. What's a kumquat?

A kumquat is a citrus fruit. It's about the shape and size of a large olive. The outside looks just like an orange. It's eaten whole, skin and all. The rind is sweet and the inside pulp is sour. It's delicious. It should be recognized as the finest food ever. Chocolate and pizza are right behind.

5. How do you know Teepa?

Oh, gosh. There are several acceptable versions. One includes Russia. Others are more likely but not nearly as fancy. There is a Corrie story too. It extends to the entire Snow/Bulgarelli family. Way more important than how, is that it happened at all. Teepa is my friend. A very, dear friend. We do all the things that close friends do.

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