Inconvenience or Opportunity?

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By Christine BrowdyNovember 16th, 2020

Inconvenience or Opportunity?


by Christine Browdy,

PAC Product Development

All around us we are consumed with changes. Some of these changes might be programs and groups meeting virtually instead of in-person or some changes require spending more time at home rather than out and about. Truth is, some of these changes are quite inconvenient. How can we turn these inconveniences into opportunities?

I recently met a group of people who are choosing to offer a really neat opportunity to people living with dementia and their families all over the world.  Read their story below.

A Caregiver’s Guide for Alzheimer’s – Staying Connected Through Activities, was developed to provide activities to assist loved ones to stay connected with their families and caregivers and bring them purpose, accomplishment, and joy.

Primary contributors Linwood and Susan Galeucia and Janet Pandy share how the guide came to be:

We all spent a lifetime serving the needs of others professionally and personally. Now we are all retired and are continuing our service through volunteering at a weekly church sponsored Alzheimer’s Group Activity Program.

While volunteering at our weekly program, it quickly became evident that resources to assist with the planning and providing of activities for adults were limited. It was difficult to find suitable resources with appropriate activities for people with Alzheimers. For the past five years, we created a weekly activity with handwritten instructions, supplies, and pictures for home and respite care visits, as well as for a weekly respite group of approximately 30 loved ones and 20 volunteers. As we began to identify and develop age appropriate activities that were safe and fun, we intentionally focused on creating a sense of purpose and joy for everyone involved.

Over time, we accumulated hundreds of pages of notes and numerous containers of supplies. After 200 activities had been developed and tested, approximately 500 pictures were selected, then the individual handwritten papers were edited. From there it was a natural progression to take all of these resources and compile them into a creative, colorful, step-by-step, easy to follow book format.

I am so grateful for the book. I now have a tool box of activities to help Yuka as we both travel this long challenging road together. - Dick Wolters and his loved one Yuka, Oxford, FL.

What a wonderful book full of great activities. Every day we pick out one or two activities for my children and I to do with my mother. She loves the alcohol ink stamping activity and milk and food coloring art. - Tara Underwood, Ronkonkoma, NY.

After my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, I knew I had to keep him active so that he could live his life with fun and purpose. We did many of these activities which he enjoyed because we did them together lovingly. We kept his mind and body strong as long as possible. He always knew he was safe, secure, and loved. - Kristie Faison, Florida/Virginia

Our final goal to make these books affordable and to distribute them to as many people as possible, brought us to Teepa Snow and her dedicated family and staff. It is with their knowledge, experience, and talent that this book is being provided to you with our gratitude and appreciation. This book has truly been a labor of love and the response has been amazing and heartwarming.

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