How to Visually Optimize Your WFH Setup

How to Visually Optimize Your WFH Setup post page

By Emilio SolorzanoApril 14th, 2021

How to Visually Optimize Your WFH Setup


by Emilio Solorzano,

PAC Tech Support and Creator

A year ago, most folks didn’t know what Zoom was, other than maybe part of a marketing slogan for a car company. Fast forward to today however, and now it’s just as synonymous as other household tech names such as Apple and Microsoft. Here at Positive Approach to Care® (PAC) however, Zoom has always been central to our productivity, second only to a cup of coffee.

As important as it is though, your Zoom experience will only be as good as your Work from Home (WFH) setup. That’s why this month I want to focus on how a visually appealing space can help you be more productive.

When I moved back in September of last year, I went from working out of a small desk crammed into a corner of the living room, to an actual home office. One of the first things I made sure to have when setting it up, was to have a good view of the outside world. Having daylight stream in on a sunny day is so invigorating, that just a few minutes of standing in it can refresh my mood and jumpstart that can do attitude.

Universally speaking, having the ability to look outside is so important. If it’s possible in your case, don’t give it a second thought. If you don’t have a window nearby, then take advantage of your 10 to 15 minute breaks and take a walk. Getting up and stepping away from your desk breaks the visual connection to your work and helps to reset it. Then when you come back, you have a fresh set of eyes that can help figure out new, creative solutions to those pesky Excel gremlins.

The next step for me was getting a bookcase and an Alex drawer from Ikea. Keeping my desktop free of clutter and organized was key for me, as I get easily distracted. This principle can be applied by everyone: keep whatever distracts you the most outside of your visual range.

The last piece of the puzzle was adding in a bit of greenery. My plant of choice was a pair of cacti I affectionately named Danger and Russ. Having something to care for within sight is a daily reminder that life is precious and should always be appreciated.

Regardless of your WFH situation, I hope this article helps in some way. Whether it’s picking an ideal location at home, getting organized, or adding a splash of green to your space.


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