Here in Olds after being in Ottawa and Montreal

Here in Olds after being in Ottawa and Montreal post page

Teepa Snow

By Teepa SnowJuly 28th, 2019

Here in Olds after being in Ottawa and Montreal

Hey folks, guess where I am, a little north of Calgary, in a small town that is reported to be the most connected in Canada! Indeed I logged onto the free access internet at Grouchy Daddy’s and a calendar of town happenings popped up. And right there, under the three activities in Olds on Monday, July 29th, Positive Approach was listed. Check it out… Plus check out the scenery – mountains in the distance, fields in bloom, and the town sign.

Yesterday we had folks from across the country gathered for a special skills intensive at Waterford in Ottawa. If you wanted to know about how to assist someone in mobility without a lift or lifting, although they were not able to move independently, then that was the place to be. We also worked on Amber Gems State interactions and role plays, as well as, spending real time with people living with dementia in the Windsong neighborhood. It was great fun! and very exciting to have everyone together in a PAC learning circle. Thanks to Cheryl for helping to make it happen and for the PAC Certified Community for taking the time to be there for one another!

What does Montreal have to do with anything, you ask? well I flew into and out of that city. And to be honest we are also having a Trainer Cert there later this year. At least we hope so… We do need more learners for that program, if anyone is aware of anyone who is interested, let us know or let them know, discounts are available in several categories and they may quality!


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