Happy New Year! What’s Your Brain Health Plan for 2018

Happy New Year! What’s Your Brain Health Plan for 2018 post page

By Teepa SnowJanuary 15th, 2018

Happy New Year! What’s Your Brain Health Plan for 2018


by Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

Every year people work on New Year’s Resolutions. What change will I make this year to improve my life in some way, over last year? Typically, people focus on a specific new thing to do, without really looking carefully at what they currently do, and more importantly, how and why they do it!

In November of last year, our webinar titled “Brain Fitness for All of Us: What’s Out There that Might Help?” looked at the importance of taking care of ourselves and our brains, if we are interested both in reducing risk of developing some forms of dementia and optimizing our abilities, even if we have dementia active in our daily lives.

Just because we know what is good for us, doesn’t mean we will do anything about it, other than think about it or worry about it. What we are not so good at, is investigating the reasons and feelings that cause us to do WHAT we do now and what seems to keep us from changing in the ways we would like.

So, how can we change that? Our webinar in December of 2017 “Care Planning That Makes Sense and Works When Living With Dementia,” focused us in on that piece as well.

So now the question is…

Do you get WHY it is important to do some self-reflection prior to planning? Do you have some ideas of HOW that might work best for you? Who you are and how you like to get your new information or changes into your brain and your life matters. Determining what you LIKE about what you are doing and what you could possibly change that would add some other LIKES and possibly reduce the dislikes, or the unmet wants or the guilty pleasures, may just get your brain in a better place in 2018.

This month’s Journal is designed to offer some insights into what others do, have done, or are planning in order to keep each and every one of us moving in a better direction for ourselves and those for whom we choose to care!

My resolutions:


  • Use my YOGA app at least 3 times each week when on the road! (I do 2)
  • Keep up the running outdoors whenever possible for my nature time


  • Continue to play Words with Friends when I am stuck in line or waiting for flights, or during other WAIT time
  • Try out a new APP Duolingo to work on my Spanish skills in short bits on a regular basis, I have tried more traditional approaches and very little sticks, so this is something I can do on the road and it is reported to be fun


  • Continue hydration at current levels
  • Switch to decaf consistently, for events that do not have decaf see if I can get hot water for my decaf instant options, if I crave the flavor!


  • Work to get 5-6 hours each night with consistency
  • Add in 1 hour during the day of meditative opportunities – walking or running provides that feeling for me

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