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By Keith IcoveDecember 18th, 2020



by Keith Icove,

PAC Lead Product Coordinator

In the Resource Corner this year we focused on tangible resources from PAC and other sources that can help us in our roles as professional or family care partners. Resources such as books, music, videos, and other tools for engagement and education, etc. As this year that has been like no other finally comes to an end, I’d like to look at a different type of resource; you and us. The greatest resource we have to offer others is ourselves; our care, our empathy, our actions, and our attitudes. The more we can maintain our physical and emotional strength, the better equipped we are to help and support others; to do with, instead of doing for or doing to.

This year more than ever was filled with frustration, disappointment, isolation, loss, and constant unrelenting change. Maintaining a strong and resilient emotional mindset was an ongoing challenge. So, I’d like to ask us all to take a moment, or a few moments during this holiday season to focus on something that can help us in our goal to be a durable resource for others, Gratitude. Gratitude towards ourselves for doing the best we can with what we have in each moment. Gratitude for the relationships and tangible resources we have, rather than the things we don’t. Gratitude for our colleagues, clients, customers, friends, family members, and our persons living with dementia or other brain change. Gratitude is good for us and it is good for those we interact with. Gratitude makes us stronger and more impactful, and builds our value as a resource for everyone in our world.

Finally, let me express my gratitude for all of you who make up the extended PAC community and bring so much caring and joy into the world of dementia care and beyond.  Thank you!

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