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Teepa Snow

By Teepa SnowMarch 25th, 2020

GEMS in Crisis – Staying Alive – Sapphires


By: Teepa Snow - a preview excerpt from the April Online Dementia Journal in a time of need

People choosing to be in a Sapphire state on a regular basis may well find ourselves moving rapidly from one GEMS State to another as emergencies, surprises, losses, and challenges continue to emerge.

For us, the greatest risk is becoming emotionally isolated, spiritually despairing, socially disconnected, and overwhelmed. If any of us are experiencing these symptoms or conditions.

Please connect with us on line, on our social platforms, ad our free sessions, in our chat space. We are a community filled with people who will help, not hide, from what you are feeling or not feeling, thinking or not thinking, but rather will do our utmost to use whatever abilities we have in that moment to offer support, comfort, and care.

Just as with dementia, we know that until there is a cure, there is care. We will continue to care in all the possible ways we can.

From here to eternity – we will try our best.

 "Until there's a cure, there's care." - Teepa Snow

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