Exploring New Horizons – Be the Boat!

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By Linn PossellFebruary 13th, 2018

Exploring New Horizons – Be the Boat!


by Reverend Linn Possell,

PAC Lead Mentor Coach

Spring is coming and with it we often think of new life and new possibilities. The weather gets warmer and we begin to emerge from the safety and warmth of our homes. We start doing more things outside and our world, in a sense, becomes bigger.

Along with the energy that comes with being on the edge of newness and possibility, we can also find trepidation and hesitation. It can be both exciting and scary to think of doing something new, venturing out and trying something different.

Our life is like the boat in Paulo Coelho’s quote. We can try and keep it safe in the harbor, but that is not the purpose of our boat. What are the reasons why you would keep your boat in the harbor? Is it too heavy to push? Does it need repair? Do you need someone to help you push it away from shore?  We can and do find all sorts of reasons to keep doing what we have always done, even though it may not be working very well for us, because change is sometimes hard and we don’t know if the boat will float. But we will never know if we don’t try.

We have been given a boat that is meant to be out on the waters of life, finding new horizons, and taking chances on new possibilities. When you think of this new time of year, what possibilities for something new to happen can you think of? And what would it look like to push your boat off of the shore so that you can realize those possibilities?

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