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Keith Icove

By Keith IcoveMarch 20th, 2020

Dementia Cue Card


by Keith Icove,

Lead Product Coordinator

If you read the November 2019 edition of this journal or attended our First Annual PAC Conference, you may have already seen one of our newest and most popular free resources, the Dementia Cue Card/Assist Card! If you missed it, we invite you to take a look now.  This two-sided card can help anyone pay attention to what they are seeing, hearing, and experiencing, that indicates something is not normal. It includes tips on what to look for, how to help, and what to say, along with important dementia facts.

The goal is to enable you to support the person in need in a consistent and predictable way. Click the following link to read Teepa’s November 2019 article, Did You Notice which describes the Dementia Cue Card, or download the card for printing at this link, Click here.

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