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By Online Dementia JournalMay 17th, 2018

Community Product Highlight: Ahlov


by Jodie Willobee,

President & Co-Founder, Ahlov

You just dropped your daughter at soccer practice and are racing across town to scoop up your youngest son from trombone lessons but first need to stop at the store and get a present for the birthday party your oldest son is going to tomorrow. Did he say Joey liked Legos or Star Wars??!! And in this midst of daily life, you realize you forgot to call Mom and make sure she took her diabetes medication this afternoon! Then the reality of how you really feel floods over you: guilt, frustration, stress, hopelessness, etc. For the 45+ million care partners across the nation, some version of this scenario probably rings true. Add juggling a job, spouse, and living more than twenty minutes away, perhaps not even in the same state, from your aging parents has most of us dreaming of a personal assistant.

For my husband Steve and I, this was exactly our lives. We could no longer deny that our parents needed a little more help but we were unsure what we could do living so far away from them. After months of searching for a solution that would meet all of our needs, we decided to create our own and share it with other caregivers.

For all of the caregivers who thought getting an assistant to help support their loved one was impossible, we happily introduce, Ahlov! Ahlov, pronounced “olive,” allows you to easily schedule personalized voice or text reminders for your loved one’s daily necessities such as taking medications, upcoming appointments, getting some exercise, or being there for special events. Once the reminder is set, Mom receives the scheduled call or text and you receive notification that she is all set or has questions and would like you to call her. In the midst of a million different Lego kits and Star Wars figurines, seeing a notification on your phone that Mom is all set with her medication reminder can bring a tremendous amount of peace to your day, and your heart.

Ahlov allows you to connect your iPhone to your loved one’s landline, flip phone, or smartphone, whichever they are most comfortable using. If you schedule phone call reminders, all your loved one needs to do is answer the phone and they will hear your voice (or perhaps your child’s voice) with a pre-recorded greeting that may say something like, “Hi Grandma, this is a reminder about your medication. I love you!” And then they will hear the instructions you had set up, “Please take your Lipitor at 2:00pm today with a snack.” Followed by a standard, “Press one if you understand these instructions or press two if you have questions and want [your name] to call you back.” Their response becomes a nearly instant notification on your phone, regardless of how close or far away you are from one another. Text reminders operate in the same way and allow you to create a custom text greeting, as well. For phone and text reminders, if there is no response after two attempts, you will receive a notification letting you know that, too.

Our mission with Ahlov is to provide a little more peace of mind to the millions of care partners across the country who need to better support the independence of their loved ones. We encourage anyone who is caring for their loved ones to try Ahlov. We offer the first 14 days or 14 reminders, whichever comes first, at no charge. After that, subscriptions are only $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year for unlimited reminders, although we recommend sending no more than 3-5 a day.

For more information, please click on the links below:


What is Ahlov?

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Jodie Willobee is the President & Co-Founder of Ahlov as well as a busy mom of three teenagers. Her husband and Ahlov COO & Co-Founder, Steve live in Michigan and love the beauty of the Great Lakes. Stay tuned for the Android version of Ahlov, available on Google Play in late-2018. Jodie welcomes comments and feedback about Ahlov, feel free to contact her here.

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