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By Online Dementia JournalJune 17th, 2021

Caregivers’ Comfort – ODJ Sponsor

Caregivers’ Comfort, an inspirational 366-day journal and record book to receive daily uplifting inspiration.

Caregivers and Veterans' Caregivers Calendars provide daily reminders and inspiration to Caregivers. Features and Benefits of the 2021 Digital, Printable, and Printed Calendars:

  • Record daily activities in large boxes and use Notes space
  • Extra monthly calendar for patient appointments and medications
  • Filled with inspirational messages written for Caregivers
  • Discover nationally designated health focuses for each month
  • Record Caregiver resources for your important numbers
  • Record patient notes and observations
  • Personally relate to Caregivers’ job description and responsibilities
  • Record kindnesses/gifts received from friends and relatives
  • Make yourself the priority with monthly to dos for Caregivers

Bonus Inserts: Caregivers’ Comfort® Creed and Certificate of Appreciation

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