C3 Presents: Jami Myers, PAC Certified Independent Trainer 

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By Online Dementia JournalJanuary 23rd, 2020

C3 Presents: Jami Myers, PAC Certified Independent Trainer 


Jami Myers, MOT/L,

PAC Certified Independent Trainer

As an Occupational Therapist for Continuing Healthcare Solutions, Inc., I have been fortunate to work with the frontline staff of many skilled nursing facilities, lock-down units, and long-term care facilities in an array of states including Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Our sites not only include Continuing Healthcare Solutions, Inc., but also Adaptive Rehab, Remedy Therapy Services, Advantage Therapy Services, and Energize.

Using my PAC Certified Independent Trainer skills to inform over 120 members of our company including OT, PT, SLP, COTA, PTA, LPN, RN, STNA, Facility Administrators, Social Workers, MDS coordinators, Activities Directors, Housekeeping staff, and Regional Directors of Therapy, has helped change the culture of caring for those living with dementia in our communities.

After completing all three workshops, those trained have weekly team building and skills newsletters to help keep the ideals of brain change and the GEMS® on their mind. There are 30 and 60-day data collections to insure the program is being utilized by the therapy team members. We also focus on the application of GEMS® to all residents, getting other staff educated on GEMS®, getting all staff trained on PPA™ and HuH®, and looking at a number of difficult evaluations made prior to understanding brain change and PLwD.

Luckily, the response has been overwhelming, and more sites are wanting training! I have added another PAC Certified Trainer, Julie Gala, our Senior Speech Clinical Coordinator, to my team to help me ensure the program’s ongoing development.

For the first six months of 2020, we have sites in Montana, Maryland, Tennessee, and Kentucky requesting all three workshops. As demand grows, we want to grow with it! In addition to newsletters with AELCs and webinars, those who have completed this course will perform PPA™ and HuH® via video conferencing so we can continue to see how it is being utilized from afar. The biggest reward is hearing and reading success stories of those I have trained when they have moments of connection with PLwD, instead of moments of struggle. Becoming a PAC Certified Independent Trainer has reignited my passion for the OT field and being a care partner with those living with dementia every day.

Jami Myers, MOT/L, has been a PAC Certified Independent Training since 2016 and currently lives and works in Middleburg, OH.  If you would like to contact her, please email.

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