Boston Engagement Certification Course – Huge Success!

Boston Engagement Certification Course – Huge Success! post page

Teepa Snow

By Teepa SnowJune 28th, 2019

Boston Engagement Certification Course – Huge Success!

17 learners, 4 mentors, and TeepaOn June 27th and 28th we conducted one of our two Engagement Certifications for 2019. We had a terrific group of learners from across the country at the Northbridge Corporate Training Office. Many thanks to Kristen for her hospitality and support! Many thanks as well to the other office staff and personnel who allowed us to use their spaces and resources!

During our two days together, we most assured celebrated moments of surprise, pleasure, frustration, enlightenment, personal growth, and skill development! It was a blast! Our mentors, Beth T, Amanda M, Carolyn, L, and Alejandro D were most remarkable int heir willingness to try out new options, learn from in the moment happenings, and reinforce that which we seek to improve!  Each time we offer this program we find there are activity and engagement personnel, leaders, and supporters who step up and become more of what is so needed int he world of dementia care, someone who will help others fill each day with value, meaning, and opportunities to continue to live to one’s full potential after receiving a diagnosis of dementia! Who knew pool noodles and letter tiles could be used in so many unique and fun ways!


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