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By Linn PossellJanuary 15th, 2018

Blessings for the New Year


by Reverend Linn Possell, PAC Lead Mentor Coach

“Just to be is a blessing; Just to live is Holy.”  - Rabbi Heschel

Often times we set new goals for the new year in January. We look at ways that we can improve on things in our life or decide to take action to make changes that we hope will move us in positive directions. Taking stock in our life and seeing what is working and what we might want to change is always a good practice.

For this New Year I would like to invite you to try a new exercise, one that you can do more than just on January 1st, but one that I try to do every day.

I am a pastor and am often asked to give blessings for many things because that is part of my role, but because I am an ordained clergy does not mean that I and my colleagues are the only ones that can do this. Everyone can say a blessing. Therefore what I would like to suggest to you for the New Year is to look back on 2017 and say a blessing for everything that was part of your life, even the things that were difficult.

When we live a life of blessings, we live a life that is more in tune with the rhythms of life. Some things will be easier to bless than others, some people will be easier to bless than others, but the practice in the blessing holds the possibility of helping you find release from the struggle, joy in the everyday aspects of life, and celebration for the things that have gone well. I invite you to look back over the year and bless your life. I then invite you to look to 2018 and send blessings forward to the New Year. Bless the people who will join you in 2018 and the possibilities that this New Year may bring.

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