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Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsDecember 21st, 2018

Alzheimer’s Music Connect

Utilizing a patent pending process for enhancing carefully selected music, Alzheimer's Music Connect has developed a non-pharmaceutical product capable of relaxing those effected by dementia while providing valuable respite for their Caregivers, and as their name suggests, LifeMusic, Inc., it inspires a larger vision. Since the earliest human origins, whuman beings have relied on music for personal identity, self-expression and spiritual transformation.

Music may be unrivaled, perhaps even by language itself, as a means of communication and human connection.

Visit the Alzheimer's Music Connect website to view some of their other offerings.

These titles are available in the PAC Store:

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    Hi, Any chance just the CD for the Memories in Song is available for purchase or download? I am a chaplain in an enhanced assisted living facility, and these are really challenging times without visits from loved ones, and physical distancing. Music helps us so much! Am wearing out the Mary Sue CDs — what an incredible gift these are! Unfortunately I buy all of my own resources and the whole set is a little beyond my budget right now. Thanks so much for everything you do, and blessings to you all.

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