A Community with a Mission – Highlighting the Work of Bay Bluffs

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Linn Possell

By Linn PossellApril 17th, 2018

A Community with a Mission – Highlighting the Work of Bay Bluffs


by Reverend Linn Possell & Leslie Finkley,

PAC Communities Team

Bay Bluffs is a community with a mission. Their mission is to create the kind of culture change that lasts. The Leadership of Bay Bluffs are fully invested in this mission and have a focused and goal oriented plan that includes interdisciplinary support, role modeling, and sustainability. This community is very aware of their strengths and where they would like to try to make changes, which also helped to provide a clear picture of the possibilities for growth. Trying new things is not new to Bay Bluffs. They have been successful before in piloting programs in small areas in order to be able to see what changes may be beneficial before bringing it to the rest of the community. The Leaders of Bay Bluffs have committed to a PAC Six Month Comprehensive Team Training and have made a lot of progress. This progress includes identifying an area to pilot their program, creating talking points to answer specific questions and to provide a consistent message for all of the staff, and having two of their staff become independent certified trainers and six become certified independent coaches. The team that was taking the lead in PAC community training also really embraced the idea of having their foundation leaders becoming the bridge to the general staff. They gathered multiple perspectives in identifying these foundation leaders, collaborated with potential staff to fill those roles, and checked in on a regular basis when they sensed any hesitation so that their foundation leaders felt supported in a safe environment where they could express their concerns.

The staff of Bay Bluffs is excited about their involvement in the Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) community training. Staff have asked when they will be assigned to class. The leadership have attended classes so that they can model Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA) and Hand-under-Hand® (HuH). The staff are talking with one another about their new skills and are saying that there is a positive energy that is pervasive throughout the community. It is apparent that the staff of Bay Bluffs is embracing PAC. When they are asked about their experiences they report new ideas about meeting unmet needs of residents, stronger connections with their residents, and a new appreciation about how to become the just right support. One of the most exciting things that the certified staff have done is that they recognized the need to build a connection with their learners before trying to coach them in their skills. For the first four weeks of the program, the certified team focused on PPA with their peers and developing relationships that promoted open dialogue, supportive communication, and an environment that was safe to try new ideas and skills. Congratulations Bay Bluffs for starting the journey with us! We are excited to support you and witness all of your great work.

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