Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Vision

Positive Approach to Care® enhances life and relationships of those living with brain change by fostering an inclusive global community.

Until There's A Cure, There's Care.

PAC Mission Statement

Using our talents and abilities to develop awareness, knowledge, and skill with all people, that will transform what exists into a more positive dementia care culture. 

Changing Dementia Care, One Mind At A Time.

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Who is the PAC Team?!

The PAC Team is led by the teachings and guided by the leadership of Teepa Snow. We are a group that is now 50+ strong made up of volunteers and advocates living with dementia, independent contractors, part-time, and full-time staff that work to grow PAC together from over 10 different states and 3 different countries!
Teepa and the PAC Team offer a range of services, events and products for all audiences. Thousands of people have joined our PAC Certified Community, 25 of those Certified Community members have become PAC Mentors, and 25 more are part of the PAC Team. Together, we stand with Teepa in her mission to change the culture of dementia care and decrease the stigma around dementia through affordable, and positive, educational training. PAC serves ALL people connected to those living with brain change and dementia. We truly believe that everyone is doing his or her best, and that when we know better, we do better.

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