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What are PAC Certifications?
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If you are in the process of becoming PAC Certified or already PAC Certified, follow the instructions below to access your PAC tools and content:
  1. Login using the white button at the top right of your screen:
    • Your username should be FirstLast or firstlast or you can use the email that you originally registered with
    • Please click forgot password if you need to reset
  2. Once you successfully login, the white button will switch to say "Logout". You should also now see a green bar with a blue button labeled Member Menu directly below the main menu options on the top right:
  3. Click the blue Member Menu button to view your available tools and content:
    • PAC Certified Community Homepage
    • PAC Certified Community Blog
    • Your specific certification course (pre-course work and videos)
    • Your specific certification post-course tools (upload videos for your mentor here)
    • Your specific post-certification tools
    • Your specific recertification course
  4. Contact us if you are having trouble or don't see your appropriate tools
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